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I'm slowly working on revamping and updating all of the Guest Hollow curricula schedules. Everything is getting a fresh face with new books, updated links, and more! Updated curricula have graphic banners that feature a two-tone blue border. Subscribe to my blog to be the first to know about any new updates!

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Geography Curriculum

geography curriculum



Ancient History Curriculum


  • Ancient History Curriculum
    Check out our FREE ancient history! This is a year long literature based history study or homeschool supplement that uses either The Mystery of History or Story of the World as a spine. (We used both.)


Homeschool American History Curriculum



American History
Check out our FREE homeschool history! This is a year long literature based history study for grades 2-6, or as a homeschool supplement for grades K - middle school.

This curriculum covers pre-1492 through 1869. The Civil War is only briefly touched on, as it's covered in more depth in my American History Year Two program.








American History 2


American History
Curriculum -

This free American history supplement / curriculum / program was originally written for the target grades of 2-8 (with a few extras for older students as well). It could possibly make an excellent supplement to any other American history curriculum (for a variety of ages) with plenty of "gravy" like worksheets, printables, links, extra reading, crafts, videos, lapbooks, activities and more.

This curriculum covers 1861 through the 1990's.






Homeschool History Curriculum

Awesome History Timeline schedule - This is a schedule my son and I worked through. It covers history in a very visual and easy to follow, tweakable, CHRONOLOGICAL format that goes from 29 A.D. to today. It covers both world and American history (either of which can be used independently). It can be used with ANY age (even as an adult history reference) although my choices on it "as is" reflected Otter's age as he worked his way through it. I LOVED it. It schedules in lots of various spines (pick and choose whichever you want), and all the other goodies my other schedules have (books, movies, and so on). It's...well...awesome, lol. You can use it by itself or very easily use it with anything else. Because it follows a chronological format, it's so easy to add in items.

The Awesome History Timeline Schedule includes the study of these time periods: The Dark Ages, Medieval history, Renassance and Reformation, The Age of Exploration, Early American History (with corresponding world history) and Modern History.

The History Shelf

The History Shelf - Click here to visit The History Shelf! - While this is not a curriculum, you can get oodles of reading and video ideas for late roman times to the present for adults and children. I have thousands of suggestions laid out in a timeline format and more are being added all the time. Just pick the time you are studying and browse the selections.



Chemistry Curriculum

Homeschool Physics Curriculum

  • High School Conceptual Physics - This math-free conceptual physics course will help your students to better understand the world around them, as well as the famous people and discoveries in this facinating field of study!

Homeschool Biology Curriculum


  • Guest Hollow's Biology Curriculum- This FREE high school biology program comes with a free, beautiful textbook that features a Christian, creationist perspective, a free lab book, a free workbook correlated to the text, free videos, and lots of great extras.


Seasons Science Curriculum


  • NEW!! The Science of Seasons Curriculum- Join Abigail, Henry, Grace, and their lively Fox Terrier, Beowulf, as they learn about the seasons and many other science topics!

NOTE: You do NOT need to use the Science of Seasons storybook and Science of Seasons Activities book in a curriculum. You can just purchase them and read them for fun!


Homeschool botany curriculum


  • Otter's Botany - A flexible botany curriculum I designed for a year of Otter's middle school science that is easily adapted to a variety of ages.

Anatomy & Physiology Curriculum for Homeschool


Anatomy curriculum human body study

  • Guest Hollow's Jr. Anatomy Curriculum - This engaging human body study tracks with the high school level, for multiple age teaching. It's engaging, interesting, fun, and meaty enough to be a core curriculum!

Human body curriculum

Knowledge of Nature Chemistry and Physics Curriculum

Knowledge of Nature Curriculum: In this full, literature based curriculum, your child will learn about chemistry, physics, animals, scientists, some history, art, and even ice cream!

Chemistry Curriculum



Otter's Chemistry - One of our FAVORITE years of science. Otter learned and retained so much for this hands-on, interesting study.


Click here to see pictures of our year with Otter's Chemistry! Warning: Don't show it to your kids unless you want them to bug you to do it!






Physical Science Curriculum

Otter's Physical Science Curriculum Schedule - Otter studied physical science in 7th grade. We used a combination of Apologia's Physical Science and Exploration Education's Physical Science Advanced. I added in a bunch of extras like living books, websites, printables and more.




Otter's Pre-Algebra

Pre-algebra math schedule

I've scheduled in all sorts of goodies for Otter's pre-algebra. Besides a proven text, there are all sorts of videos, games, printables and hands-on activities to help build a fun and firm foundation before moving on to algebra.

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We also have information, articles and resources for a variety of homeschooling subjects. Click on a subject name that you're interested in. You can also find a lot more articles on our blog and a mixed variety of downloads accessible via our printables page.

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