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We used the Winter Promise program "Adventures in Sea & Sky" in the past. Even though Sea & Sky is pretty complete on its own, I just couldn't help adding in some extras. The downloadable schedule to the left features the items I've added in as "gravy" to extend our studies. What I've come up with isn't meant to take away from the S&S program in any way. If you are reading this, I'm assuming you either already own Sea & Sky or you are looking into purchasing it. I hope that by sharing these extras, you'll see just how interesting, fun and flexible the S&S program is! We are having a great year with it and hope you do too!

*Note: I do not list ANY of the WinterPromise materials in my extras. Check out the official Winter Promise website and see all of the great goodies you get with the complete program. WinterPromise also offers a younger and older learner's guide. We have the older learner's guide and highly recommend it for assignments and suggestions that add in extra meat for your older student. Because of the older learner's IG, I won't be sharing any of the materials I used with my older son. The extras I'm sharing I gathered for my son, Otter, who is the "target age" for the program.

If you'd like to see pictures of some of our projects, you can browse the linked pages below. smile I will be adding in pictures (and tweaking the schedule) as we go along through the year.

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Page One

Hotdog octopus lunch

1-2-3 Draw Ocean Life

Shadow box ship

Free mollusks lapbook

Make Your Own Captain's Log page

Our Sea & Sky notebook

Voyage of Ice

Otter's Sea Cucumber drawing



Page Two

More mollusks (lapbook)

Sea cucumber drawings

Notebook page of signal flags

Free whale lapbook





Whale lapbook

Page 3

Sea & Sky mobile

Humpback whale drawings

Free whale lapbook

Viking books and free lapbook

Awesome Ocean Science experiments (density and salt water)

Papier-mâché octopus

Viking shield notebook page

Stowaway and the Strange Intruder (books)

Glaciers and sea level experiment

Stand-up Columbus craft

Ocean currents experiment

Medieval T-O map

Rain in a jar experiment

Model paper ship

Free shark lapbook element & A to Z readers



Page 4

Shark books

More free shark lapbook pictures

Match-up shark cards

Raiders of the Sea (book)

Treasure coin set

Bioluminescent fish camouflage experiment

The Great Pirate Activity Book
(How to learn good things from "bad" pirates)

Playmobil pictures

Pop-up barnacle

Free coral reef lapbook









Page 5

Coral reef lapbook

Pirate Diary and books by the same author

Jellyfish lapbook

Squid drawing

Pagoo and resources

Paper clam model


Rotor Motor flying

Page 6

We are finally starting the sky portion!

Rotor Motor





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