American History Topic 3

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This history topic is about the Plains Indians. Scroll down to the schedule below for all of the activities! While studying this topic you will get to:

  • Learn about the North American Plains Indians
  • Do some buffalo activities
  • Make a tipi diorama
  • Make pemmican, a Native American food

and of course much more!

Red indicates an item that should be found at many well-stocked libraries

M next to a title indicates there is a corresponding map assignment in the Map or Globe section of the schedule

T next to a title indicates there is a corresponding Timeline suggestion in the Timeline section of the schedule.

Topic 3 Native Americans: Great Plains Indians
Workbook .

North American Indians:

Plains Indians (M-1)

Continue reading: The Birchbark House

If You Lived With the Sioux Indians Put cover into timeline (approx. 1670's).

Optional: The Indian Book (1980 Annual Childcraft)


History Pockets

History Pockets Native Americans:

Pocket 6 (p.55-63) The Sioux Indians

Fact sheet


Amazing buffalo booklet

Ceremonial ankle band *supplies: graph paper, construction paper, glue, hole punch, optional: small bells


Video The People of the Great Plains. Part I

Map or Globe


.1. Continue regions map, fill in as the book is read (label, draw in pictures of regional Indian housing, etc.) *OR do the History Pockets map from pocket 1
Timeline (T) .
Notebooking (Language arts, history papers, illustrations, etc.)

All of the following worksheets and printables are optional. Choose your favorites for your child's notebook:

All About the Buffalo This printable worksheet has a paragraph to read, some illustrations, vocabulary words taken from the paragraph and fill in the blanks, etc.

Buffalo uses A colorful notebooking item with discussion question

Sioux family life Complete the sentences, discuss, etc.

Sioux childhood comparison table Fill in the table and make a drawing.

Plains Indians Read, fill in the blanks, make a list, etc.

Living off the buffalo Read and then copy the sentences and complete them with the correct ending.

More about the buffalo (With guided paragraph writing –copy and complete sentences)

Native American source work Interpret a painting and use the dictionary.

Draw Write Now:

p.14-15 Hunter and Cherokee

p.20-21 Bison


Science Germs Make me Sick (read before or after the section on smallpox in Birchbark House)
Cooking Pemmican (Look up a recipe on Google.)

Tipi diorama

*Supplies: paper (thicker is better) or thin craft leather, paint, bamboo skewers (or similar –you can just use thin sticks from outside).


Plains Indians Punch-Out-Panorama
*Have some tape on hand. I found it to be frustrating to try and glue some of the things (like the tipis) so we just plastered on some good ol scotch tape!

See History Pockets in notebooking

Extras, Alternate Books and Notes Wee Sing: America (Round)




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