American History Topic 8

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This history topic is about Leif Erickson, Vikings and the early discoveries of the Americas. Scroll down to the schedule below for all of the activities! While studying this topic you will get to:

  • Learn about the Vikings
  • Play a Bingo game
  • Make a Viking boat model
  • Play some interactive computer games

and of course much more!

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M next to a title indicates there is a corresponding map assignment in the Map or Globe section of the schedule

T next to a title indicates there is a corresponding Timeline suggestion in the Timeline section of the schedule.

Topic 8 Discovery and Leif Erickson
Workbook .

The Discovery of the Americas

(M-1), (T-1)

Leif the Lucky
Put cover of book into timeline (1000 A.D.).

(M-2), (T-2)

This Country of Ours Selection 1
1. How the Vikings of Old Sought and Found New Lands
*This is an optional read-aloud from a free online text

History Pockets .

Vikings in America

Iceland and Greenland (M-2)

Map or Globe


1. Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad, Strait of Magellan, Philippine Islands, New Foundland, Canada, Cape of Good Hope

2. Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Scandinavia: (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)

3. Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, England, Normandy, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hedeby, Russia, Iceland, Faroes Islands, Vinland (Newfoundland), Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Arabia, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, Baghdad, etc.

We played "where is that?". We looked at the map provided on the Viking Treasure Chest poster and then located the places on our globe.

Timeline (T)

1. Marco Polo

1492 Columbus

Bartolomeu Dias 1488 rounded the Cape of Good Hope

Vasco da Gama 1497-1499 sailed to India

King Ferdinand, Queen Isabella of Spain

John Cabot 1497 sailed to New Foundland, Canada

Amerigo Vespucci

Balboa 1513 the first European to sight the Pacific Ocean

Ferdinand Magellan 1519 left Spain to begin a journey around the Earth

1522 Magellan’s one surviving ship returns to Spain without him (he died in 1521 in the Philippine islands)

2. Leif the Lucky

Notebooking (Language arts, history papers, illustrations, etc.)

Leif Bingo Game Questions and Answers (goes with Leif the Lucky book)

Viking Bingo Cards:

1,  2,  3

Draw Write Now:

p.36-27 The East

Science .
Cooking .

Viking boat model (Optional and unecessary if you purchased the Viking Treasure Chest)

Extras, Alternate Books and Notes

A Viking voyages game to print out

Write your name or message on a rune stone worksheet

A day in the life of a Viking (simple writing worksheet)

Cut and paste a mini-timeline with pictures

Shockwave activity (Thornkel and the trading voyage)
Visit a Viking longhouse and click on what does NOT belong

Wee Sing: Marine’s Hymn

Viking Treasure Chest (M-3)




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