Otter's 7th Grade (Pre-Algebra) Math Schedule


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This is the math schedule I developed for my 7th grader. My goal is to make math fun and interactive. Just because we are heading into middle school math, doesn't mean that Otter is "too big" to play around with math. I chose Holt Mathematics Course 2 because it is rigorous, it has proven results and because of the humorous videos for each chapter (by the Edward Burger who does the Thinkwell videos). I also like the wealth of resources available via the "One Stop Teacher's CD-Rom".


I do NOT plan to get through this in 1 school year (well, probably not). We are going to take our time and really work on building a solid foundation before moving on to algebra. Past experience has shown me that Otter is not one to be rushed through math. We are going to take our time to really work through and understand each concept before moving into a full-blown algebra course.


Besides the things listed in the schedule, Otter is also doing Teaching Textbooks Pre-algebra. (Yeah, we always do 2 math programs!) We may move ahead in TT and that is not reflected in my math sequence listed below.


My planned math sequence is the following:


Alternate sequence (if he is able to move through the material faster)

7th grade: pre-algebra

8th grade: pre-algebra

9th grade: algebra

10th grade: algebra II (or geometry) *depending on whether or not he plans to take the PSAT in Oct. of 11th grade

11th grade: geometry (or algebra II) *He may take algebra II and geometry concurrently in the 10th grade as my daughter did.

12: grade: pre-calculus

7th grade: pre-algebra

8th grade: algebra

9th grade: algebra II

10th grade: geometry

11th grade: pre-calculus

12: grade: calculus (or statistics or other advanced math)



Gizmos (scheduled below) are accessed by subscription through You can also get a free 30 day trial or try each activity with a "free pass" of 5 minutes. *You may want to access the desired gizmo, click on the instructions, SHUT DOWN the Gizmo so you can read the instructions and THEN spend the rest of the time in the Gizmo (so you don't use up all the time reading the instructions).

Books, videos, songs and activities help introduce concepts and make them more hands-on and/or fun. :-)

The Mental Math in Junior High book adds in a mental math component for the year. The lessons are short with cartoon drawings and very practical!! This is an important skill that is often overlooked!! You really need to understand math, in order to do it mentally!


BrainPOP logo is used with permission. All other images are from the Amazon affiliate program.


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Lessons (main text)


I didn't schedule in the extra worksheets and practice pages. We're going to play it by ear and I will assign everything on an as needed basis. How quickly he is able to firmly grasp concepts will determine the speed at which we move through the textbook.

Books, Workbooks, Extra Activities

*Some activities are from workbooks I have on my shelf at home. I don't recommend purchasing them as I only schedule in a few activities.

Mental Math Practice

Website Interactives & Videos


* All of the following are going to be optional. I'll use them if we want a little extra or to add some fun into our math day.

Chapter 1: Algebraic Reasoning

Holt Math Course 2

Mathematics Course 2, Grade 7: Holt Mathematics


Holt Math

One-Stop Planner CD-ROM for Holt Mathematics, Course 2

I'm ordering the one-stop planner as it has almost everything you need on it. I'm also ordering the premier online edition. I'm not ordering a hard copy text.


Holt Online store with all options


Program overview brochure

Basher Algebra and Geometry

Basher: Algebra and Geometry

(To be used throughout the year)

Mental Math in Junior High

Mental Math in Junior High / Grades 7-9



Cyberchase videos are available at Discovery Streaming and also on YouTube and PBS Kids.

A few are also on Netflix (streaming).
Google Video search



Cyberchase descriptions quoted from here.


BrainPOP can be accessed via subscription. A SINGLE USER homeschool subscription is $99. You do not need a multi-user subscription unless you have multiple children who will be using BrainPOP at the same time on different computers. Some of the linked BrainPOP movies are FREE through Glencoe. I link to the freebies whenever possible.


Besides videos, Khan Academy also has exercises where students can earn ranks, points, badges etc. Otter spends about 15 min. a day practicing at Khan Academy.


Donald Duck in Math Magic Land

Donald in Mathmagic Land

Watch on the first day of math.



Lesson 1-1 Patterns



p. 41 Lesson 1 Adding from the left

Patterns (fairly simple interactive with animations)


Interactive pattern generator


Sequences and patterns


Cyberchase 107 The Poddleville Case part 1

Patterns - Patterns are sequences that repeat or change in an orderly way. You can use patterns to predict the next step in solving a problem.


Patterns and Sequences


Arithmetic Sequences

Geometric Sequences

Finding Patterns


Cyberchase 410 A Tikiville Turkey Day part 1 Patterns in Nature - Find the rule for a pattern you observe in the natural world and you can use what you have learned to make similar patterns of your own


Cyberchase 705 Fathers Day

Patterns in Codes - Use clues to find the hidden rule behind one secret message and you can decode every message made with that rule.


Cyberchase patterns game



Lesson 1-2 Exponents

Interactive: Exponents


Big Numbers

Big Numbers

Use this book to see the relationship between exponents and the number of zeroes

p. 42 Power builder A

Alien ships exponents game


Exponents song (preview what is going to come up in Algebra)


BrainPOP: Exponents



Lesson 1-3 Metric Measurements


Metric pyramid (cut & paste)


Millions to Measure

Millions to Measure

p. 42  Power builder B

Metric Interactives


Khan Academy:

U.S. Customary and Metric units

Conversion between metric units

Converting within the metric system

Applying the Metric System


BrainPOP: Metric units

Lesson 1-4 Applying Exponents


p. 43 Lesson 2 Break up and bridge

Khan Academy:

Exponent Properties 1

Exponent Properties 2

Exponent Properties 3

Exponent Properties 4

Exponent Properties 5

Exponent Properties 6

Exponent Properties 7

Technology Lab 1-4


p. 44  Power builder A


Lesson 1-5 Order of Operations

Order of operations notebooking page

p. 44  Power builder B

Order of Operations Four (game)


Bracket basics


Gizmo: Order of operations


Order of operations song


BrainPOP: Order of Operations


Khan Academy:

 Introduction to Order of Operations
More Complicated Order of Operations Example

Technology Lab 1-5


p. Lesson 3 Bridging decimals


Lesson 1-6 Properties


p. 46  Power builder A


Lesson 1-7 Variables and Algebraic Expressions

Set up Shop with algebra activity

p. 46  Power builder B

Gizmo: Using Algebraic Equations

Gizmo: Using Algebraic Expressions


Cyberchase 115 Find Those Gleamers! part 1

Algebra - When you use a letter to stand in for a number that repeats or changes in a problem, you can simplify the arithmetic and make the problem easier to solve.


Khan Academy:
Variables and Expressions 1

Lesson 1-8 Translate Words into Math


p. 47 Lesson 4 Subtracting from the left

Making sense of algebra

Lesson 1-9 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions


p. 48  Power builder A

Simplifying algebraic expressions





Khan Academy:

Simplifying Expressions

Lesson 1-10 Equations and Their Solutions


Hands On Equations

The Hands-On Equations Learning System (You can also order this from Rainbow Resource) -use throughout the year -maybe once a week until all lessons are completed.

p. 48  Power builder B

Cyberchase 125 A Battle of Equals part 1
Balancing Equations - Like a scale in balance, both sides of an equation must have the same value, and you can use this property of equality to find the value of an unknown.


Hands on Lab 1-11


p. 49 Lesson 5 Subtracting in parts


Lesson 1-11 Addition and Subtraction Equations


p. 50 Power builder A

Gizmo: Modeling One-Step Equations - Activity B


Modeling Addition and Subtraction Equations

Lesson 1-12 Multiplication and Division Equations


p. 50 Power builder B

Exploring Equations


Khan Academy: One Step Equations

Game Time: Trading spaces

(printables online)


p. 51 Lesson 6 Searching for compatibles


It's in the Bag (lapbooking)


p. 52 Power builder A






Test Tackler/Test Prep





Chapter 2: Integers and Rational Numbers

Lesson 2-1 Integers


p. 52 Power builder B

Skool UK integers


Cyberchase 121 Less Than Zero part 1

Negative Numbers - Numbers don’t have to stop at zero! Negative numbers — numbers that are less than zero — can extend the range of what you can measure on a scale and give you the ability to compare numbers using direction as well as amount.


Khan Academy:

Locate integers on a number line

Absolute Value of Integers


BrainPOP: Absolute value


MEP math interactive: negative numbers

Hands on Lab 2-2 (integer chips)


p. 53 Lesson 7 Make your own compatibles

Scholastic: Integer football & Mouthwatering math (need colored candies)

Lesson 2-2 Adding integers

Stack Coins integer action activity

p. 54 Power builder A

Gizmos: Adding Real Numbers

Adding and Subtracting Integers
Adding and Subtracting Integers with Chips
Real Number Line - Activity A


Khan Academy:

Adding integers with same sign

Adding integers with different signs

Hands on lab 2-3 (integer chips)


p. 54 Power builder B


Lesson 2-3 Subtracting integers


p. 55 Lesson 8

Integer football


BrainPOP: Adding and Subtracting Integers (Free at Glencoe)


Integer Arithmetic


Khan Academy: Adding/Subtracting negative numbers


MEP math interactive: Adding and subtracting negative numbers

Hands on lab 2-4 (integer chips)


p. 56 Power builder A


Lesson 2-4 Multiplying & dividing integers

Integer Flash (card game)

p. 56 Power builder B

Multiplying integers song


Khan Academy: Multiplying and dividing negative numbers

Hands on lab 2-5 (algebra tiles)


p. 57 Lesson 9 Differences in time


Lesson 2-5 Solving equations containing integers


p. 58 Power builder A

Nasty negatives (cross the bridge)

Lesson 2-6 Prime factorization

Dr. Super's Factor Blocks (17 activities to spread out over the next 4 topics):

Exploring GCF

Exploring prime numbers

p. 58 Power builder B

Gizmo: Finding Factors with Area Models


Finding prime factors


BrainPOP: Prime Factorization

(Free at Glencoe)




Factor Tree


Scholastic: Amazing primes maze


Math Rocks! Factor Down a Tree song


Cyberchase 402 The Icky Factor part 1 Factoring - You can use rectangular patterns to find or test the factors of a number.


Khan Academy:

Prime Factorization

Lesson 2-7 Greatest common factor

Dr. Super's Factor Blocks:

Discovering the GCF


GCF with Cuisenaire rods

p. 59 Lesson 10 Checking your changes

Greatest common factor


Khan Academy:

Monomial Greatest Common Factor

Lesson 2-8 Least common multiple

Dr. Super's Factor Blocks:

Discovering the LCM


LCM with Cuisenaire rods and number lines


p. 60 Power builder A


Least common multiple


Khan Academy:

Least Common Multiple


MEP math interactive: multiples

Lesson 2-9 Equivalent fractions and mixed number

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow: Fractions and Decimals (Adventures in Mathopolis)

p. 60 Power builder B

Gizmo: Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers


BrainPOP: Mixed Numbers


Cyberchase 203 Harriet Hippo & The Mean  Equivalent Fractions - Fractions that look different can represent the same portion of a whole.


Cyberchase 311 Shari Spotter and the Cosmic Mixed-Number Fractions - A fraction can represent parts that are more than a whole.


Khan Academy:

 Equivalent Fractions

Lesson 2-10 Equivalent fractions and decimals


p. 61 Unit 1 Review


Lesson 2-11 Comparing and ordering rational numbers


p. 62 Unit 1 Progress Test

Gizmos: Comparing and Ordering Fractions
Comparing and Ordering Decimals
Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers


Khan Academy:
Integers and Rational Numbers


BrainPOP: Rational and Irrational Numbers

Game time Modified tic tac toe


p. 65 Lesson 11 Making compatible decimals


It's in the bag (lapbooking)


p. 66 Power builder A


Test/Test Prep





Chapter 3: Applying Rational Numbers

Lesson 3-1 Estimate with Decimals


p. 66 Power builder B

Cyberchase 206 Mother's Day part 1
Decimals - Use a decimal point to join tenths with whole numbers and you have a decimal system you can use to easily record, compare and combine whole numbers with fractions.


BrainPOP: Decimals

BrainPOP: Estimating

Lesson 3-2 Adding & subtracting with decimals


p. 67 Lesson 12 Subtracting by balancing

Gizmo: Sums and Differences with Decimals


Adding with decimals soccer


Subtracting Decimals soccer


The Decimal song


Khan Academy:

Adding Decimals

Subtracting decimals

Hands on lab 3-3 (base 10 blocks)


p. 68 Power builder A


Lesson 3-3 Multiplying decimals


p. 68 Power builder B

Gizmo: Multiplying with Decimals


Khan Academy:

Multiplying Decimals

Multiplying Decimals 2

Multiplying Decimals 3

Hands on lab 3-4 (Decimal grids)


p. 69 Lesson 13 Balancing with decimals


Lesson 3-4 Dividing decimals by integers


p. 70 Power builder A

Khan Academy:

Dividing Decimals

Dividing Decimals 2

Dividing Decimals 2.1

Lesson 3-5 Dividing decimals and integers by decimals


p. 70 Power builder B


Lesson 3-6 Solving problems with decimals


p. 71 Lesson 14 Tack on trailing zeros

Gizmo: Solving Equations with Decimals

Lesson 3-7 Estimating with fractions


p. 72 Power builder A

Gizmo: Estimating Sums and Differences

Hands on lab 3-8 (fraction bars)


p. 72 Power builder B


Lesson 3-8 Adding and subtracting fractions


p. 73 Lesson 15 Front-end multiplication

Gizmo: Fractions with Unlike Denominators


BrainPOP: Adding and Subtracting Fractions (Free at Glencoe)



Khan Academy:

Adding and subtracting fractions

Lesson 3-9 Adding and subtracting mixed numbers


p. 74 Power builder A


Lesson 3-10 Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers


p. 74 Power builder B

Gizmos: Multiplying Mixed Numbers
Multiplying Fractions


Khan Academy:

Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Lesson 3-11 Diving fractions and mixed numbers


p. 75 Lesson 16 Calculating costs

Gizmos: Dividing Mixed Numbers
Dividing Fractions

BrainPOP: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions (Free at Glencoe)



Khan Academy:

Dividing Mixed Numbers and Fractions

Lesson 3-12 Solving equations containing fractions


p. 76 Power builder A


Game Time Fraction Action (need number cubes)


p. 76 Power builder B


It's in the bag (lapbooking)


p. 77 Lesson 17 Tack on trailing zeros


Test/Test prep





Chapter 4: Patterns and Functions

Lesson 4-1 The coordinate plane


p. 78 Power builder A

Gizmo: Points in the Coordinate Plane - Activity B


Khan Academy:

Quadrants of Coordinate Plane

The Coordinate Plane


BrainPOP: Coordinate Plane

Lesson 4-2 Tables and graphs


p. 78 Power builder B


Lesson 4-3 Interpreting graphs


p. 79 Lesson 18 Cancel common trailing zeros

Gizmos: Distance-Time Graphs
Distance-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs

Lesson 4-4 Functions, tables and graphs


p. 80 Power builder A

Gizmos: Distance-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs
Introduction to Functions


Cyberchase 214 Trick or Treat part 1
Functions - When changing one quantity determines the value of another, they are connected by a rule you may not see. Find the rule and you can predict any outcome.


Khan Academy:

Linear Function Graphs

Lesson 4-5 Find a pattern in sequences


p. 80 Power builder B

Gizmos: Linear Functions
Using Tables, Rules and Graphs



Patterns, Relations, and Functions


Hands on lab 4-6 Explore linear functions


p. 81 Lesson 19 Time and speed




Khan Academy:

Recognizing Linear Functions

Lesson 4-6 Graphing linear functions


p. 82 Power builder A

Gizmo: Distance-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs

Game time (clothes encounters)


p. 82 Power builder B


It's in the bag (lapbooking)


p. 83 Lesson 20 Working with prices







Chapter 5: Proportional Relationships

Lesson 5-1 Ratios


Pythagoras and the Ratios: A Math Adventure

p. 84 Power builder A

Gizmo: Part:Part and Part:Whole Ratios


Khan Academy:

Introduction to Ratios (new HD version)


BrainPOP: Ratios

Lesson 5-2 Rates


p. 84 Power builder B

Gizmo: Distance-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs


Khan Academy:

Simplifying Rates and Ratios

Lesson 5-3 Slopes and rates of change


p. 85 Unit 2 review

Gizmo: Slope - Activity B

s and Common Multipliers


BrainPop: Slope and Intercept (Free at Glencoe)


Slippery Slope


Khan Academy: Slope and Rate of Change

Lesson 5-4 Identifying and writing proportions

Cuisenaire rods: Proportions lesson
Student printable to go with the above lesson


p. 86 Unit 2 progress test

Gizmos: Estimating Population Size
Beam to Moon (Ratios and Proportions)


Khan Academy:

Understanding Proportions


BrainPOP: Proportions



Lesson 5-5 Solving proportions


p. 89 Lesson 21 Adding special fractions

Gizmos: Beam to Moon (Ratios and Proportions)
Estimating Population Size


Ratio and proportion game


Khan Academy:

Find an Unknown in a Proportion

Find an Unknown in a Proportion 2

Hands on 5-7 Make similar figures (square tiles)


Tangram Treasury Book C

p. 26 Similar polygons

p. 90 Power builder A

Khan Academy:

Similar triangles

Similar triangles (part 2)


BrainPOP: Similar Figures


BrainPOP: Similar Triangles

Free at Glencoe

Lesson 5-7 Similar figures and proportions


p. 90 Power builder B

Gizmos: Similar Figures - Activity A
Similar Polygons
Perimeters and Areas of Similar Figures


Cyberchase 202 Totally Rad part 1 Perimeter/Area Relationship - Different shapes bounded by the same perimeter can enclose very different areas.


Lesson 5-8 Using similar figures


p. 91 Lesson 22 Subtracting special fractions

Gizmos: Perimeters and Areas of Similar Figures
Similar Polygons
Similar Figures - Activity A


Perimeter and Area


Math Rocks! Perimeter & Area song

Lesson 5-9 Scale drawings and scale models

Cut Down to Size

Cut Down to Size at High Noon: A Math Adventure

p. 92 Power builder A


 Similar Figures - Activity A
Similar Polygons
Perimeters and Areas of Similar Figures


Cyberchase 124 Size Me Up part 1

Scale and Size - You can create an exact likeness of something—though one that is a different size—by multiplying the size of every part of your original by the same number.


BrainPOP: Scale Drawing

Game time: Water works

Need: water and glasses (3oz, 5 oz and 8 oz)

Concentration (ratio cards)


p. 92 Power builder B


It's in the bag (lapbooking) - need a paper plate & markers


p. 93 Lesson 23 Taking parts from wholes


Test/test prep






Lesson 6-1 Percents


p. 94 Power builder A

Gizmo: Percents and Proportions


Cyberchase 304 A Piece of the Action part 1 Percent - When you have fractions with different denominators, you can compare them easily if you represent them as percents – parts of a hundred.


Percents song


BrainPOP: Percents


Khan Academy:

Describing the Meaning of Percent

Describing the Meaning of Percent 2


Lesson 6-2 Fractions, decimals and percents


p. 94 Power builder B

Gizmo: Percents, Fractions and Decimals


Khan Academy:

Representing a number as a decimal, percent, and fraction

Representing a number as a decimal, percent, and fraction 2

Lesson 6-3 Estimate with percents


p. 95 Lesson 24 Subtracting mixed numbers


Hands on lab 6-4 Explore percents

(10x10 grids)


p. 96 Power builder A


Lesson 6-4 Percent of a number

Tic-Tac-Toe percents

p. 96 Power builder B

Gizmo: Percents and Proportions

Lesson 6-5 Solving percent problems


p. 97 Lesson 25 Cutting lengths of lumber

Gizmo: Percent of Change


Khan Academy:

Solving Percent Problems

Solving Percent Problems 2

Solving Percent Problems 3

Lesson 6-6 Percent of change


p. 98 Power builder A

Gizmo: Percent of Change

Lesson 6-7 Simple interest


p. 98 Power builder B


Game Time Percent Bingo (Bingo cards)


p. 99 Lesson 26 Compatible fractions


BrainPOP: Interest

Test/Test prep





Lesson 7 Collecting, Displaying, and Analyzing Data

Lesson 7-1 Frequency tables, stem-and-leaf plots and line plots


p. 100 Power builder A

Gizmo: Line Plots
Stem-and-Leaf Plots


Khan Academy:

Stem and Leaf Plots

Lesson 7-2 Mean, median, mode and range

M&M's and Math (mean and median)

p. 100 Power builder B

Gizmos: Describing Data Using Statistics
Mean, Median and Mode


Call Me Mean song

Mean Median and Mode song


The Mean, Mode, Median and Range song


BrainPOP: Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Lesson 7-3 Bar graphs and histograms


p. 101 Lesson 27 Making compatible fractions

Gizmo: Histograms

Lesson 7-4 Reading and interpreting circle graphs


p. 102 Power builder A

Interactive circle graph

Lesson 7-5 Box-and-Whisker plots


p. 102 Power builder B

Gizmo: Box-and-Whisker Plots


Exploring Box-and-Whisker Graphs


Khan Academy: Box-and-whisker Plot

Hands on lab 7-5 Venn diagrams


p. 102 Power builder B


Lesson 7-6 Line graphs


p. 103 Lesson 28 Balancing with fractions

Cyberchase 117 Return to Sensible Flats part 1

Measuring performance (analyzing data)-When you have a goal you want to achieve, measure your performance with numbers and keep track of it over time to help you reach it.


Cyberchase 406 A Change of Art part 1 Interpreting Change in Line Graphs - Use a line graph to picture change and your eyes can quickly tell you when and how things are changing.


Technology lab 7-6 Use technology to display data


p. 104 Power builder A


Lesson 7-7 Choosing an appropriate display


p. 104 Power builder B


Lesson 7-8 Population samples


p. 105 Lesson 29 Finding fractional parts

Gizmo: Polling: Neighborhood
Estimating Population Size


Cyberchase 602 When Penguins Fly part 1 Population Sampling - When something is too large to count, you can use a sample to make a close estimate of how much is there.


Lesson 7-9 Scatter plots


p. 106 Power builder A

Gizmo: Scatter Plots - Activity A

Technology lab 7-9 Samples and lines of best fit (graphing calculator)


p. 106 Power builder B


Lesson 7-10 Misleading graphs


p. 107 Lesson 30 Comparing prices


Game Time: code breaker


p. 108 Power builder A


It's in the bag (lapbooking)


p. 108 Power builder B


Test/Test prep





Chapter 8 Geometric Figures

Lesson 8-1 Building blocks of geometry

The Great Polygon Caper

The Great Polygon Caper (Adventures in Mathopolis)

p. 109 Unit 3 Review

Cyberchase 113 Eureka part 1
2 & 3D Geometry - When you follow simple rules to make flat geometrical shapes, and join them together, you can discover new shapes that, instead of staying flat, rise up to make three-dimensional objects!


BrainPOP: Geometry

Hands on lab 8-2 Explore complementary and supplementary angles (protractor)

Sir Cumference

Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland (A Math Adventure)

p. 110 Unit 3 progress test


Lesson 8-2 Classifying angles


Tangram Treasury Book C

p. 28 Angle measurement

p. 113 Lesson 31 Multiplying mixed numbers

Angles music video


Khan Academy:

Introduction to angles

Angles (part 2)

Angles (part 3)


BrainPOP: Angles

Lesson 8-3 Angle relationships


p. 114 Power builder A

Gizmos: Investigating Angle Theorems - Activity B
Constructing Congruent Segments and Angles

Lesson 8-4 Properties of circles


p. 114 Power builder B

Circle music video


BrainPOP: Circles

Hands on lab 8-4 Construct circle graphs (compass and ruler)


p. 115 Lesson 32 Increasing recipes


Lesson 8-5 Classifying polygons


p. 116 Power builder A


BrainPOP: Polygons

Lesson 8-6 Classifying triangles


p. 116 Power builder B

Gizmos: Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles
Triangle Inequalities
Classifying Triangles


BrainPOP: Types of Triangles

Lesson 8-7 Classifying quadrilaterals


p. 117 Lesson 33 Halving and doubling

Gizmo: Classifying Quadrilaterals - Activity B

Lesson 8-8 Angles in polygons


p. 118 Power builder A

Gizmo: Polygon Angle Sum - Activity B

Lesson 8-9 Congruent figures


Tangram Treasury Book C

p. 27 Congruent polygons

p. 118 Power builder B

Gizmo: Constructing Congruent Segments and Angles

Lesson 8-10 Translations, reflections and rotations

Reflections on a coordinate grid activity (need a hands-on grid and rubber bands for this)

Student printable for the above

p. 119 Lesson 34 Halving and doubling decimals

Gizmos: Reflections
Rotations, Reflections and Translations


BrainPOP: Transformation


Geometric Transformations



Technology lab 8-10 (Dynamic geometry software)


p. 120 Power builder A


Lesson 8-11 Symmetry


p. 120 Power builder B

Gizmo: Holiday Snowflake Designer

Hands on lab 8-11 Create tessellations

Exploring tessellations with pattern blocks

p. 121 Lesson 35 Think money

Tessellations Creator


Cyberchase 307 A Perfect Fit part 1 Tessellations - If you pick the right shape, you can use it again and again to tessellate - cover an area of any size you need without gaps or overlaps.


Game time: pattern block designs


p. 122 Power builder A


It's in the bag (lapbooking)


p. 122 Power builder B


Test/test prep





Chapter 9 Measurement: Two-Dimensional Figures

Lesson 9-1 Accuracy and precision




Hands on lab 9-2 Explore perimeter and circumference (string, push pins, cardboard or corkboard)

Sir Cumference

Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter (Math Adventures)

p. 123 Lesson 36 Compatible fractions

Gizmo: Circle: Circumference and Area

Khan Academy:
Circles: Radius, Diameter and Circumference


Cyberchase 610 Spheres of Fears Part 1 Circles: Diameter / Circumference Ratio - The circumference of every circle, no matter how big or small, is always a little more than three times its diameter.


Lesson 9-2 Perimeter and Circumference


p. 124 Power builder A


Hands on lab: Explore area of polygons

Murderous Maths

Murderous Maths - Desperate Measures

p. 124 Power builder B


BrainPOP: Area of Polygons (Free at Glencoe)



Cyberchase 105 Sensible Flats part 1

Area - To find the area of an object, count how many squares fit on it. But there's an easier way! Measure an object's dimensions, and you can use mathematics to calculate its area.

Area of Parallelograms and Triangles


Khan Academy:

Area and Perimeter


MEP math interactive: Area

Lesson 9-3 Area of parallelograms


p. 125 Lesson 37 Making compatible factors

Gizmo: Area of Parallelograms - Activity B


Area tool


I am a Parallelogram song


Cyberchase 506 The Flying Parallinis part 1 Parallelograms - You can stretch or collapse the shape of a parallelogram without changing the length of its sides.


Lesson 9-4 Area of triangles and trapezoids


p. 126 Power builder A

Gizmo: Area of Parallelograms - Activity B


Lesson 9-5 Area of circles

Sir Cumference

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi (A Math Adventure)

 The Joy of Pi

The Joy of Pi

p. 126 Power builder B

Gizmo: Circle: Circumference and Area


Mathematical Pi song

(hahahah funny)


Happy Pi Day song


The Pi song


Khan Academy:
Area of a circle


BrainPop: PI

Lesson 9-6 Area of irregular figures


p. 127 Lesson 39 Decimal point: slide to the right


Hands on lab 9-7 Explore square roots and perfect squares

(square tiles or graph paper)


p. 128 Power builder A

Gizmo: Square Roots


Khan Academy:

Square Roots and Real Numbers


BrainPOP: Square roots

Lesson 9-7 Squares and square roots


p. 128 Power builder B


Hands on lesson 9-8 Explore the Pythagorean theorem

What's Your Angle

What's Your Angle, Pythagoras? A Math Adventure

p. 129 Lesson 39 Decimal point: slide to the left

Gizmo: Pythagorean Theorem - Activity B

Lesson 9-8 Pythagorean theorem


p. 130 Power builder A

Khan Academy:

Pythagorean Theorem


Nova: Demonstrate the Pythagorean Theorem


BrainPOP: Pythagorean Theorem
Free at Glencoe

Game Time: Circles and squares


p. 130 Power builder B


It's in the bag (lapbooking)


p. 131 Lesson 40 Metric units of length


Test/test prep





Chapter 10 Measurement: Three-Dimensional Figures

Hands on lab 10-1 Sketch 3-D figures from different views (centimeter cubes)


p. 132 Power builder A


Lesson 10-1 Introduction to 3-D figures


p. 132 Power builder B


Hands on lab 10-2 Explore the volume of prisms and cylinders

From Here to There with Cuisenaire Rods

p. 41-50

Finding the volume of rod designs

Building designs with specified volume

Comparing surface area and volume of cubes

p. 133 Unit 4 review

Gizmo: Prisms and Cylinders - Activity B


BrainPOP: Volume of Prisms

BrainPOP: Volume of Cylinders

Lesson 10-2 Volume of prisms and cylinders


p. 134 Unit 4 progress test


Math Insight - Digging Dirt

Lesson 10-3 Volume of pyramids and cones

Activity: Eat an ice cream cone and ice cream (It's all for the sake of math, you know!)

p. 137 Lesson 41 Coping with twelves

Gizmo: Pyramids and Cones - Activity B

Hands on lab 10-4 Use nets to build prisms and cylinders

(1/4 in graph paper)


p. 138 Power builder A


Lesson 10-4 Surface area of prisms and cylinders

1/4 in. grid paper for activity


p. 138 Power builder B

Gizmo: Surface and Lateral Area of Prisms and Cylinders

Hands on lab 10-5 Investigating the surface area of similar prisms (centimeter cubes)


p. 139 Lesson 42 Breaking up the dividend


Lesson 10-5 Changing dimensions


p. 140 Power builder A


Technology lab 10-5 Explore changes in dimensions (Excel)


p. 140 Power builder B


Game time: magic cubs (printables online)


p. 141 Making compatibles in division


It's in the bag (lapbooking)


p. 142 Power builder A


Test/test prep





Chapter 11: Probability

Lesson 11-1 Probability


Do You Feel Lucky? the Secrets of Probability (Murderous Maths)

p. 142 Power builder B

Gizmo: Probability Simulations
Theoretical and Experimental Probability


BrainPop: Probability of Events  
Probability: Compound Events

(Free at Glencoe)



Cyberchase 103 R-Fair City part 1

Probability and Chance - Even though you can't tell when you are going to win in a game of chance, you can still predict your chances of winning and tell if the game is fair or not.


Probability and Relative Frequency


Lesson 11-2 Experimental probability


p. 143 Lesson 44 Diving by balancing

Coin toss

Experimental Probability


Cyberchase online game: probability

Lesson 11-3 Make a list to find sample spaces


p. 144 Power builder A

Gizmo: Theoretical and Experimental Probability

Lesson 11-4 Theoretical probability


p. 144 Power builder B

Gizmo: Theoretical and Experimental Probability

Hands on lab 11-4 Experimental and theoretical probability


p. 145 Lesson 45 Percents and decimals


Lesson 11-5 Probability of independent and dependent events


p. 146 Power builder A

Gizmo: Compound Independent and Dependent Events


BrainPOP: Independent and dependent events

Lesson 11-6 Combinations


p. 146 Power builder B

Gizmo: Permutations and Combinations

Lesson 11-7 Permutations


p. 147 Lesson 46 Using fractions to figure percents

Gizmo: Permutations
Permutations and Combinations

Game Time: Pattern match (pattern blocks or printable)


p. 148 Power builder A


It's in the bag (lapbooking)


p. 148 Power builder B


Test/test prep





Chapter 12 Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities

Hands on lab 12-1 Model 2 step equations (algebra tiles)


p. 149 Lesson 47 Working from basic equivalents

Online algebra tiles

(Math-U-See blocks will work great, if you have some)

Printable algebra tiles

Lesson 12-1 Solving 2 step equations


p. 150 Power builder A

Gizmo: Solving Two-Step Equations

BrainPOP: Two-Step Equations  
Equations with Variables (Free at Glencoe)



Khan Academy: Two-Step Equations

Lesson 12-2 Solving multi-step equations


p. 150 Power builder B



Gizmo: Solving Formulas for any Variable

Lesson 12-3 Solving equations with variables on both sides


p. 151 Lesson 48 Working out difficult equivalents


Lesson 12-4 Inequalities


p. 152 Power builder A


BrainPOP: Solving Inequalities

(Free at Glencoe)


Lesson 12-5 Solving inequalities by adding or subtracting


p. 152 Power builder B

Gizmo: Solving Linear Inequalities using Addition and Subtraction

Lesson 12-6 Solving inequalities by multiplying or dividing


p. 153 Lesson 49 Using a known percent

Gizmo: Solving Linear Inequalities using Multiplication and Division


Khan Academy:
Solving Inequalities


Lesson 12-7 Solving 2 step inequalities


p. 154 Power builder A


Game time: Leaping counters

(printables online)


p. 154 Power builder B


It's in the bag (craft: popsicle sticks, electrical wire)


p. 155 Lesson 50 Percents and money


Test/test prep






p. 156 Power builder A




p. 156 Power builder B




p. 157 Unit 5 review




p. 158 Unit 5 progress test