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Otter loves science. It's his very favorite subject. Here are some free science printables I created for some of the things we were studying.

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All printables in this section require free Adobe Acrobat Reader .

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Please click here for free BOTANY printables - they are in my free homeschool botany curriculum section.

I also have some biology printables in the biology curriculum section of my website.


Seasons poem and printable



Seasons Printable and Poem

This printable is perfect for younger children learning about the seasons. It features a poem to memorize, shows which months are in which season and has traditional descriptions of season related facts.

The cartoon boy on the printable is Pip, from a series of phonics readers I wrote and illustrated for my children when they were just learning to read. Hmmm…maybe that’s a project for the future (putting those readers online)!









Copper plate a nail experiment

Copper plate a nail experiment


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Microscope lab printable

Printable Microscope lab sheet
This printable is for your microscope lab. Two circles with light gray grids are provided for drawings and there is a lined area for notes and observations.

Dissection lab printable

Dissection lab printable
Use this printable to write-up and illustrate your dissection labs.







Science experiment printable
This 2 page printable is for generic science experiments. There is room for drawing and prompts for a hypothesis, materials used, procedure, observations and conclusion. There are also two small follow up questions with yes/no bubbles at the end.


Vertebrate and Invertebrate Picture Cards:
Use these picture cards for practice in classifying animals, for pointing out the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates or for a homemade science game. You can also print the cards out as pages for a nature notebook. We made them to use with WinterPromise's Animals and Their Worlds curriculum.

Symbols courtesy of the Integration and Application Network (, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.


Classification Cards: Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species

I created these cut out cards to practice putting classification labels in the correct order. I will be creating specific activities to use with the cards that feature the same color coding. You can use these cards to help your students get a better understanding of the classification of animals.
These cards are color coded to match the labels in the Real Science-4-Kids biology book.

You can also use this page to place the cards from the printables below over or beside each rectangle.


Practice classification using these cards. They are color coded to match the cards in the printable above so students know which label is a kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus or species name. There is also a "check" card so students can check their work (especially if the cards get "mixed up"). Click the following animal names in the table below for a printable that looks similar to the one on the left. Students can compare the animal cards to see the similarities and differences in classification names.




Dog Cat Zebra Horse Lion
Rabbit Cheetah Gecko Mosquito Salmon

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