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Below is a list of items to have on hand that are not included in the kit you can purchase for the Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments.

Supplies for the Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments NOT included in the kit(s) you can purchase:

2 liter soda bottle (clean and empty)
9V transistor batteries (5, 7 or 9)
Aluminum foil
Baking soda
Beef or pork liver (or yeast)
Blood from uncooked meat
Bread with no preservatives
Brown paper bag
Butane lighter or other flame source
Camera with macro feature (optional)
Cheesecloth or muslin, etc.
Chicken broth or bouillon cube
Chlorine laundry bleach
Cotton balls
Desk lamp
Diet sweetener
Eggs - raw
Egg shell and egg yolk
Egg white (raw)
Elodea (also known as Anacharis) - this is a water weed that can be purchased at a pet store or aquarium shop. You can also gather it from a lake or pond or in the shallow water along the bank of a stream.
Ethanol 70%
Fern specimen(s)
Field guides to local plants /  trees
Foam cups
Granita specimen (preserved)
Graph paper
Hammer or mallet
Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
Isopropanol 99%
Ladle, trowel or scoop
Latex gloves
Lysol or other disinfectant spray
Marking pen
Measuring cup (microwave safe)
Measuring spoons
Microscope - stereo (optional)
Moss specimen(s)
Non-dairy creamer
Prepared slides (not necessary if you purchase the slide kit): *I've linked to online slide images for most of the slides below.

  • diatoms or bacteria
  • dicot structures
  • gymnosperm structures
  • hydra (budding, sections)
  • monocot structures
  • plant mitosis (onion tip)
  • optional: animal mitosis
  • sponge (sections)
  • platyhelminthes
  • nematoda
  • annelida
  • epithelial tissue
  • connective tissue
  • muscle tissue
  • nervous tissue

Particulate masks, N100
Peanut or cashew
Paper (or cloth) - black
Paper towels
Petroleum jelly
Plastic bags (for collecting specimens)
Plastic container (shallow, easily cut - like the kind that come with food items that you throw away)
Plastic container - 1 deeper and wider than the one mentioned above
Plastic wrap
Pocket knife
Pond water, sediment, vegetation
Pressure cooker (optional)
Protist specimens: You can either isolate from the microcosm lab project or you can order them from Carolina Biological Supply.
Salt (table salt)
Seeds - carrot
Soft drink (colorless - Sprite, etc.)
Soft drink bottles (1 liter or 500 ml)
Soil (2-3 samples from different locations)
Stakes (or sticks)
String or cord (250 ft or 75 meters)
Starch water (save the water from cooked pasta or boil a small amount of rice or potato)
Syrup (waffle syrup or similar)
Table sugar
Tape (masking or electrical)
Tape measure
Toothpicks (one that is plastic)
Unsweetened fruit juice
Vegetable oil
Vermiculite (or other sterile growing medium)
Vinegar (distilled, white)
Watch or clock with second hand
Water - collected from 2 different sources (ditch, stream, pond, etc.)
Water - distilled and boiled tap
Whole milk
Wide mouth jars
Yeast (or beef or pork liver)
Zip-loc bags




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