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Homeschool Science Curriculum

Otter's Science Curriculum

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For the 2008-2009 school year we studied WinterPromise's Children Around the World program. I was trying to decide what to do for science and started thinking, hey, why not study people for science all year too!? I went online and started looking at elementary science programs.

Otter loves science. He loves experiments and science activities. The perfect science curriculum for him should have lots of hands-on things to do, lots of variety, engaging books with plenty of pictures and should really cover in depth what we want to study (which in this case is the human body and people).

I couldn't find anything online that totally fit the bill for what I wanted to do. Most science programs are pretty slim and, in our house, science is too big of a deal to be just a few books and a kit or two. Soooooo... I decided to just create my own homeschool science curriculum and here it is, to share with you.

Please feel free to join us on a 32 week long tour of the human body! If you are doing a 36 week school year, this leaves you with 4 weeks for breathing room or rabbit trails.

Some notes and thoughts about this year's science program:

This is not a light curriculum, but it can be. Because I have arranged it according to topic, you can easily leave out books. You can also easily add in our substitute with books that are more easily available to you or that you already have on hand. I will let you know which books I think are most important for each week and which are more optional. If you were to use this curriculum in its entirety, it could easily be used as a "core curriculum" for a student who is tired of history related cores. In that case the cost would be comparable.

Don't think you have to do it all. When we get busy, the first thing to go are some of the "extras" like experiments or cut/paste activities. Don't feel bad if you don't get everything done. We certainly won't be completing everything ourselves! Just pick and choose what you have the time for and interest in. Consider experiments and activities to be "optional" and choose your favorites.

I have also created a schedule for Bear (our high schooler) to learn the same material at a higher level and there is a preschool to 1st grade human body study that correlates as well.

Click here to see what science resources we use this year and to read my notes about each one. Or you can visit our Amazon A-store for more convenient book browsing (and a shopping cart). Remember this is a pick and choose curriculum so don't feel you have to purchase everything!

Click on a week below to see the weekly science schedule. Please let us know what you think!

Click here for a supply list for your year so you can see at a glance the materials you'll need to have on hand each week.

One last thought...Although this program is pretty much completed now, I may also add to it, even after we are finished, if I come across a great resource somewhere. Updates will be added only to the online version and NOT to the PDF and Word document.


Click to tip! Week 1: Cells
Week 2: DNA and Genes
Week 3: DNA and Genes
Week 4: Skeleton
Week 5: Skeleton
Week 6: Muscles
Week 7: Muscles
Week 8: Brain and Nervous System
Week 9: Brain and Nervous System
Week 10: Eyes, The Sense of Sight
Week 11: Eyes, Senses & Illusions
Week 12: Ears, Hearing, More About Senses
Week 13: Ears, Hearing, More About Senses
Week 14: Heart
Week 15: Blood
Week 16: Lungs, The Sense of Smell
Week 17: Digestion, Teeth, The Sense of Taste
Week 18: Digestion and Elimination
Week 19: Nutrition
Week 20: Nutrition
Week 21: Nutrition
Week 22: Urinary System
Week 23: Endocrine System, Growth and Reproduction
Week 24: Skin, Nails, Hair and the Sense of Touch
Week 25: Germs
Week 26: Germs
Week 27: Diseases and Parasites
Week 28: Diseases and Parasites
Week 29: Fighting Disease
Week 30: Drugs and Your Body
Week 31: First Aid and Survival
Week 32: First Aid and Survival


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