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Finally! Here's a grammar program that's actually fun!

I spent over twenty years homeschooling. During that time, I used a multitude of grammar programs. Almost all of them were DULL, and it was a struggle to retain some of the concepts. We went over the same grammar terms, year after year. Grammar was almost invariably boring with colorless workbooks and some of the most tedious, mind-numbing sentences ever created for a student’s analysis. There never seemed to a theme throughout the workbooks we used…just endless exercises that looked or sounded similar. There was no creativity, and certainly little, if any, fun. It was no wonder my kids weren't “chomping at the bit” to learn or explore grammar!

Beowulf’s Grammar
is my remedy to the dearth of interesting grammar programs. I’ve included comics, colorful illustrations, hands-on activities, gentle review, memorable characters, and a combination of approaches to help students not only retain what they are learning, but to actually enjoy grammar!

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Question: What age is this grammar curriculum for?

Answer: This curriculum is designed for grades 2-6. It can also be used with an older student or even an adult who needs to learn or review grammar concepts (if s/he doesn’t mind some of the juvenile graphics and/or activities). If you aren’t comfortable with grammar, you can learn along with your student(s)! No previous grammar knowledge is assumed, so you can fill in possible gaps your student may have from previous years, or you can work from scratch to build a brand-new grammar foundation!

This grammar workbook is designed to be used by a multitude of ages, and so it will require a multitude of approaches, based on your student’s ability level. Younger students may need you to read pages out loud, be on hand to point things out, and help keep them on track. Older students may be able to go through the workbook by themselves (with supervision for activities), as each lesson is explained to the student. Reluctant writers can do some of the lessons orally. Be flexible and make it work for you and your unique situation!

Question: What topics are covered in this curriculum?

Click here to see the Beowulf's Grammar table of contents for a detailed preview of the contents and topics. Beowulf's Grammar covers all eight parts of speech as well as parts of a sentence and other grammar concepts like punctuation. It doesn’t just cover the basics; it also delves into some more complicated grammar concepts that aren’t usually included in a primary grammar book. I believe children are smart and can absorb these concepts if they are presented in an accessible way!

Question: How is this curriculum different from many other grammar programs?

It's creative!

I think Beowulf's Grammar is different because it's creative! There are plenty of hands-on activities to help reinforce learning, fun characters, comics, humor, games, and more! Beowulf's Grammar is designed to engage learners instead of bore them! I've taken my 20+ years teaching experience and found ways to make topics understandable and accessible, even to younger or reluctant learners.

Beowulf's Grammar

It features a variety of approaches and an optional spiral review!

Beowulf's Grammar also teaches both diagramming and sentence analysis. These two different approaches have their own benefits and by combining them, students are able to better learn and understand how parts of speech and parts of a sentence work together. I've also taken into account different learning styles and incorporated a medley of methods for getting specific concepts across.

There is also a gentle, optional spiral review built in via the weekly review pages in the appendix. These extra pages help students retain the things they've learned, even when they've moved onto another topic.

Beowulf's Grammar - spiral review

Click here for a small sample of pages!
Mayflower Homeschool did a flip-through video review. Click here to watch!
Endless Learning did a video review and shared some sample pages! Click here to take a look.

It can be self-teaching for some...

For some students, Beowulf's Grammar can be self-teaching. All of the pages are designed so that Beowulf is (or I am) doing the teaching. Everything is explained step-by-step and presented in a friendly way. There is no awkward parent script to read and slog through. Having said that, there are plenty of teaching ideas and notes in the teacher's manual for parents who would like more guidance!

Question: Is there an answer key or teacher's manual?

Answer: Yes! Beowulf's Grammar Teacher's Manual has nearly every page of the workbook in miniature, so you can follow along with your student's lessons without having to share his/her book. The teacher's manual also contains all of the answers to the exercises, lessons, and review sheets. In addition, there are lots of extra ideas to make things even more fun and relevant, and there are extra printables to help expand lessons.

Beowulf's Grammar Teacher's Manual


Question: Do you have any suggestions about printing the workbook?

Answer: Many of our customers use The Homeschool Printing Company to print the workbook and then view the Teacher's Manual via their home computer or tablet (and print some of the extra activity pages from the Teacher's Manual using their home printer). The Homeschool Printing Company's prices are very reasonable. Some families print the workbook using black ink and look at the color comics using a computer or a tablet. Other families use remanufactured ink cartridges to save $$ or subscribe to the HP Instant Ink program. We used to purchase low cost ink from Carrot Ink when we were homeschooling. Some families take the PDF to their local copy shop or library and have the pages printed out if the cost is cheaper than the above suggestions.

If you are tired of boring, dull grammar programs, you are going to want to give Beowulf's Grammar a try! I wish I had Beowulf's Grammar when I was still homeschooling. I'm so excited to share it with you and your students!

Testimonials: (Have one to share? We would love for you to send it to us!)

"So far, this is the best purchase I have made in a long time!! My son loves it!! Thank you!!"

"My son is begging for more Beowulf, as we did the last Grammar lesson Friday. He was brokenhearted to say goodbye to Beo!"

"My child. My youngest. My squeaky wheel. My somewhat sensory and quirky out of the box thinker just asked me to do MORE Beowulf grammar tonight before bed. ...This is a huge hit!! Thank you for making such an engaging curriculum for all learning styles!"

"No more grammar tears!!! ...she's almost 12 with learning disabilities and up till now grammar has been one of her hardest things. She's finally GETTING IT!!! No more mama tears either!"

"My nine year old says Beowulf is his favorite subject!"

From a 9-year-old student: "I used to hate grammar and now I love it!"

"Hey Mom, diagramming is easy!! (Coming from my 11-year-old daughter... who will now do Beowulf Grammar all morning if I let her...)"


Click here for a video review made by one of our customers.

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