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Guest Hollow Language Arts is engaging, contains customizable elements to make a great fit for all types of learners, and approaches language arts subjects through diverse and colorful resources instead of a pile of boring workbooks.

Our language arts schedule is a little different than most homeschool language arts curricula in a variety of ways. Some of the key differences:

  • It can be used for a variety of ages and grades, from grade 2 through grade 6. This means you can teach multiple students at once without having to use (or pay for) multiple language arts programs!
  • It uses literature and a variety of books to teach concepts rather than tons of boring workbooks.
  • It provides (optional) teacher education with parent/teacher reading assignments and articles to help YOU become a more informed homeschool teacher.
  • It gently guides you into making your own curriculum-related decisions, so you can feel more confident doing things “your” way in future years.
  • It’s flexible, so you aren’t locked into a set of books that doesn’t work for your student.
  • Tried-and-true traditional methods are incorporated in the program mixed with fresh and fun new ways of learning things to reach a variety of learners – from the gifted to the reluctant!

Materials and resources

I've scheduled in a variety of colorful books and resources to make language arts come to life!

Homeschool Language Arts books

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Question: What age is this language arts curriculum for?

Answer: This curriculum is designed to be used with grades 2-6. A student using this curriculum should be able to read and write. Younger and reluctant students may require more assistance from a parent and/or older siblings.

Question: Is this curriculum Christian or secular?

Answer: I'm a Christian, but this curriculum is secular.

Question: What specific subjects does this curriculum cover?

Answer: The Guest Hollow Language Arts schedule covers:

  • Grammar

    • I've scheduled in Beowulf's Grammar as the grammar spine. Beowulf's Grammar must be purchased separately! Students LOVE Beowulf's Grammar. I've never seen parents and students rave and gush about a grammar program as they do with Beowulf's Grammar! I've been told multiple times how students beg to do Beowulf's Grammar as the first school subject of the day and how both younger and older students love the activities. I've also scheduled in colorful and fun books, videos, songs, and more to help students relate to the concepts they are learning and to help build retention. Grammar has never been this fun!

  • Writing

    • The writing portion of this schedule is intended to be a fit for both reluctant and enthusiastic writers. I’ve had to teach both types of students during my 20+ years of homeschooling, and have used my experiences to design a program that is gentle and steers clear of the usual more structured type of resources. I’ve put together a very relaxed year of writing with activities designed to take pressure off of students, and to instead slowly nurture a comfortable relationship with pen and paper! This year’s writing instruction can be tailored to a variety of ages and abilities.

      Some writing topics covered this year:

      Copywork, narration, sentence writing, journaling, letter writing, creative writing, writing different forms of poetry, learning about story components (setting, characters, plot, conflict, etc.), writing stories, making storyboards, creating dialogue, fairy tales, writing an opinion essay, writing and critiquing a recipe, creating Mad Libs, writing and performing a puppet show, writing a research report, creating comics, similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, creating a book, and more!

  • Spelling

    • For spelling I’ve scheduled in a classic book that uses dictation and copywork as a teaching method instead of employing the busywork found in many other spelling programs. Don’t be fooled though, this is not just a spelling book! It’s an important component to this year’s writing and grammar instruction. While using this book your student will:

      • Learn spelling quickly and easily!
      • Be trained to picture sentences in his mind
      • Build a greater attention span
      • Practice the mechanics of writing, grammar, and punctuation
      • Practice proper sentence structure and emulate quality writing
      • Have the opportunity to practice penmanship (optional)

    • Students will also get to play some fun spelling games!

  • Poetry

    • This section of the schedule introduces students to poets, poetry, and memorization skills. Poetry is an often overlooked and important component to a language arts curriculum! I’ve included a few articles for you to read (linked in the schedule) to understand the life-long benefits of reading and memorizing poetry.

  • Vocabulary

    • Students will learn vocabulary while learning Greek and Latin roots. When a student learns a root, he can more easily figure out the meanings of unfamiliar words. By learning just 3 roots a week, your students will be exposed to hundreds of new words without having to do a bunch of mind-numbing workbook exercises. I’ve successfully used the scheduled vocabulary program with a variety of students – from an emerging reader still learning some phonics to high school teens. Students will also learn how to play Rummy Roots, a favorite game of many homeschoolers!

  • Reading and Read-Alouds

    • Students are exposed to some terrific and memorable stories that your family will remember for years to come. Reading is approached through a method designed to get students to LOVE reading and to curl up with good books not because they have to, but because they want to!

Our program doesn't cover phonics, but gives suggestions in the instructor's guide and the resource list for those of you who have students who still need to cover some phonics instruction. Phonics can be easily added in with an additional 5-10 minutes a day. Handwriting also isn't specifically scheduled, but it's an optional component that can be added in easily. Check out the resource list for our handwriting practice suggestion. Instructions for this addition are included in the schedule. A drawing book is added in to help students work on the fine motor skills necessary for good penmanship.

Our program is so flexible! You can add or remove any of the components to make every facet of language arts work for your student(s)!

I feel there is a real need in the homeschool world for a curriculum like this! I've taken my 20+ years experience teaching and created a program that *I* would have loved to use with all of my kids!

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