Sea & Sky Extras


May 21, 2009

This is our 2nd week into WinterPromise's program: Adventures in Sea & Sky. I think Otter's favorite read-aloud right now is Treasure Island. I'm not sure how much of it he really understands because of all the dialect and maritime vocabulary, but every time I finish reading for the day he begs for more. I love that!
I also love how he's really being engaged by all of the activities - not only the ones WP scheduled but all of the extras I've gathered up too. Sea & Sky is a terrific theme to expand on. There are all sorts of science extras you can add, along with plenty of crafts and movies.

This week Otter continued work on his mollusks lapbook. Next week he'll be starting one on whales. I can't speak highly enough about lapbooks. They add a hands-on component that really helps learning STICK. They are fun to "review" too. Here are a few pictures of some of the new items he added:

Slug diet booklet

Slug diet

Lift the flaps to see what slugs eat!

what slugs eat

Learning about slugs vs. snails:

Lift the flap slug

Shutterfold with a map inside and questions to answer on each flap

Octopus shutterfold

Multiplying by 8's - Lift the flaps to see the answers:

Multiplying by 8's

Accordion fold for octopus facts

Octopus Facts

Anyone else's kid mix printing with cursive? roll eyes

Outrageous octopus facts

We also worked from the book 1-2-3 Draw Ocean Life. This week's drawing was a sea cucumber. As before, I drew mine on the computer, while Otter followed along on paper. He is really enjoying this book. Each step is pretty simple to follow. We're also looking up the items we're drawing online for photos, videos, and more information.

Mom's sea cucumber

Sea Cucumber

Otter's sea cucumber

Otter's Sea Cucumber drawing


June 2, 2009

Otter is still sick so there isn't much to show in the way of schoolwork. However, I did take a picture of Bear's captain's log page for Winter Promise's Sea & Sky program. He's catching up on his work from last week since he's feeling better.

Signal Flags

June 3, 2009

This week's "extras" science theme is whales. I downloaded a free lapbook from Homeschool Share. I love that site. Here are some pictures of what Otter made so far:

The file folder and lapbook cover graphic

Whale lapbook cover

Here is a little booklet that helped him learn some whale behavior related terms. We also watched online videos that showed the different types of behavior.

Whale antics

A whale classification petal book

Whale classification

A 5 page tabbed whale vocabulary booklet

Whale vocabulary tab book

In our Sea & Sky program he's learning about a variety of other things this week like the ocean floor (continental shelf/slope, trenches, abyssal plains, etc.), some facts about early sailors in the book Sailors, Whalers, Fantastic Sea Voyages and a bit about the early sailing history of the Egyptians.

We watched a short video online about the formation of the volcanic island Surtsey and a couple others featuring the sailor's hornpipe dance(s).





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