Our Year with WP's Sea & Sky Curriculum


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We used the Winter Promise program "Adventures in Sea & Sky" many years ago. Even though Sea & Sky is pretty complete on its own, I just couldn't help adding in some extras. You can see pictures of and read comments about our year in the links below.

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I added to our year!






Page One

Hotdog octopus lunch

1-2-3 Draw Ocean Life

Shadow box ship

Free mollusks lapbook

Make Your Own Captain's Log page

Our Sea & Sky notebook

Voyage of Ice

Otter's Sea Cucumber drawing



Page Two

More mollusks (lapbook)

Sea cucumber drawings

Notebook page of signal flags

Free whale lapbook





Whale lapbook

Page 3

Sea & Sky mobile

Humpback whale drawings

Free whale lapbook

Viking books and free lapbook

Awesome Ocean Science experiments (density and salt water)

Papier-mâché octopus

Viking shield notebook page

Stowaway and the Strange Intruder (books)

Glaciers and sea level experiment

Stand-up Columbus craft

Ocean currents experiment

Medieval T-O map

Rain in a jar experiment

Model paper ship

Free shark lapbook element & A to Z readers



Page 4

Shark books

More free shark lapbook pictures

Match-up shark cards

Raiders of the Sea (book)

Treasure coin set

Bioluminescent fish camouflage experiment

The Great Pirate Activity Book
(How to learn good things from "bad" pirates)

Playmobil pictures

Pop-up barnacle

Free coral reef lapbook









Page 5

Coral reef lapbook

Pirate Diary and books by the same author

Jellyfish lapbook

Squid drawing

Pagoo and resources

Paper clam model


Rotor Motor flying

Page 6

We are finally starting the sky portion!

Rotor Motor





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