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This is an ARCHIVED copy of our geography program, from when it was free. This copy will NOT be updated, so eventually many of the links will go bad. If you'd like an updated copy of our geography curriculum, please click here.

We hope you have a terrific year learning geography!


The Guest Family

You don't have to watch them all! Mix and match to fit your schedule and interest. Some of the free videos I've linked to may not be available, as the Internet is always changing. Parents: PREVIEW links and videos! If a video is not available, you can always do an online search to see if you can locate it elsewhere.


I recommend you download all of the free, online printables you want to use this year, ahead of time. The Internet is always changing and what is available today might be gone tomorrow!

Some of the links are for printables located at Activity Village. Activity Village requires a paid membership. The current price at the time of this writing is £12 a month (convertible into any currency). Their printables are so cute, I’ve left them in the schedule, even though it costs for access. A subscription is really reasonable and you can potentially use it for other school subject printables!

Happy homeschooling!


Click on each week below to see the curriculum schedule.

Week 1 Basic Geography
Week 2 Japan
Week 3 China
Week 4 Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
Week 5 Australia
Week 6 India & Nepal
Week 7 Russia
Week 8 Germany, Switzerland & Poland
Week 9 Italy
Week 10 Greece
Week 11 Israel
Week 12 Saudi Arabia & The Middle East
Week 13 Egypt
Week 14 Kenya & Tanzania
Week 15 Southern Africa
Week 16 Congo & Cameroon
Week 17 Western Africa
Week 18 Northern Africa
Week 19 Spain & Portugal
Week 20 France
Week 21 Netherlands
Week 22 United Kingdom & Ireland
Week 23 Sweden, Norway & Finland
Week 24 Canada
Week 25 United States of America
Week 26 Mexico
Week 27 Central America & The West Indies
Week 28 Brazil
Week 29 Peru
Week 30 Argentina & Chile
Week 31 Galapagos Islands
Week 32 Hawaiian Islands
Week 33 French Polynesia & Other Pacific Islands
Week 34 New Zealand
Week 35 Papua New Guinea
Week 36 Malaysia, Indonesia & The Philippines






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