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Why study geography?

I believe this is an often overlooked subject that sometimes gets short shrift in our homeschools. Geography is squashed into history studies or quickly glossed over with a workbook or song. Kids often spend a great deal of time learning the cultures of ancient civilizations, but they don't usually spend as much time learning about the current cultures, people and places that exist all over the world. That leaves them woefully unprepared to understand our world's politics, world-wide needs, or even that there are people who live very different lives from themselves. Learning about the world can open their eyes, mind and heart concerning others and excite their imaginations with animals, cuisine, landscapes, culture, and stories from different regions.

We made geography and cultures an important part of our homeschool and as a result, our daughter (who is now an adult), became very involved with the international community. She's fluent in reading, writing and speaking Japanese and has a degree in International Studies. She married a Japanese citizen and is living permanently in Japan working in Christian missions & ministry work via teaching and other venues like music. She and her husband will be starting a home church in a very rural Japanese area, in the future. I remember her as a kid cooking up lunches from our Kids Around the World Cookbook and playing dress up in an Indian scarf. She cares about worldwide politics and loves other cultures. I think all of my kids have fond memories of studying other peoples and lands, and hopefully I've left them with a better understanding of the world, an appreciation of other cultures, and a knowledge of just how blessed we are.

Geography & cultures should be something we as homeschoolers don't neglect. In this ever-expanding global community, our kids NEED to know this material to understand so many of the things going on in our world that directly affect us as global citizens.

I've made this an exciting year with lots of different books, activities and videos. You should try to find extras that will appeal to your kids as the opportunities come up throughout the year. We've found that people from other cultures are often friendly and eager to share their heritage. All you have to do is ask (or show up to their activity)! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Visit an ethnic grocery store
  • Eat at an ethnic restaurant
  • Visit a local ethnic festival
  • Visit an ethnic place of worship. We visited a Sikh temple during a festival and were warmly welcomed. Make sure to receive the appropriate permission first! And yes, we are Christians. We found our experiences with this type of thing to be very informative and made it so we could understand other cultures and their beliefs better. Use your own discretion as to if this would be an appropriate activity for your family or not.
    • Sikh temple
    • Jewish synagogue
    • Greek Orthodox church (these can be so beautiful inside!)
    • Mosque - Here's an article that talks about the appropriateness of this.
    • Etc.
  • Try to find a club, like the German club or something similar that might be open to allowing your kids to visit one of the meetings or activities
  • Let your kids interview someone who is from a different country

Cultural experiences for homeschool

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Geography curriculum books

Question: What age is this geography curriculum for?

Answer: This curriculum can be used for grades 1 through 6, although it will work best for students who are able to read independently (around 2nd to 3rd grade) through 6th grade. If you have younger students, you'll need to be more involved and many of the readers will need to be turned into read-alouds. We will be adding a literature-based high school geography program at some point, so that the entire family can learn geography together!

Question: Is this curriculum Christian or secular?

Answer: It's secular with a couple Christian biographies. Those resources are marked as Christian books in the resource list, so non-Christian families can easily skip them. Christian families may enjoy adding in a variety of missionary biographies that match the countries being studied. Click here for a link on Amazon that will take you to one of the most popular missionary book series.

Question: If I buy all of those books, I'll spend a fortune! How can I afford this?

Answer: Check out our article on how to use a literature-based curriculum without breaking the bank!

Question: Why use a literature-based curriculum instead of just a textbook?

Answer: When I design curricula, I design it to be something *I* would love to learn and base my choices off of 20+ years of teaching my own children! Most kids don't retain a lot of what they learn solely from textbooks. Why? Because textbooks are often boring, and kids can't relate what they are learning to real life. I've scoured through hundreds of books to find interesting stories and entertaining resources that bring learning to life and help students better understand the world around them. Geography is a super-interesting and fun subject. My curriculum makes it accessible to students with tons of terrific books, activities, recipes, videos, and more!

I've worked hard to create a geography curriculum with plenty of options that make it flexible, fascinating, and fun!

If your kids love crafts and hands-on activities, there are plenty to choose from. If your kids (or you) hate that kind of thing, you may want to just stick mostly to the books, videos and online activities. Don't feel like you are a slave to the schedule and have to do it all! smile I like having options and so I've scheduled in extra things for you to pick and choose from to make things work for YOU and YOUR family.

Question: How does your curriculum schedule differ from traditional style instructor's guides?

Answer: Take a look at the free sample weeks by scrolling down below. There are no tests & quizzes.

I sometimes shelled out big bucks for instructor's guides and usually only ended up using the schedule portion. Sometimes, in my opinion, less is more.

Question: Do I have to have my student do everything in the schedule, even when you have 5 videos to watch in one week?

Answer: I've scheduled in lots of videos as well as free printables and other similar materials. Consider them a buffet of activities. If you are behind due to illness or another reason, it's easy to get back up to speed. Just pare down the schedule activities, and you're all set! Do you have another resource you'd rather use? Just plug it into the schedule and use it instead. The printable schedule is editable, so you can take out and add things as you desire.

Don't let the schedule rule you!

Always remember that YOU are in charge, not the schedule. Guest Hollow schedules are adaptable and flexible. There are some "light" weeks where you can play catch-up and heavier weeks with lots of OPTIONS, not commands, lol.

At the beginning of the year:

  • Set up a notebook (3-ring binder or similar) to store all your geography papers and projects for the year. You may want to take pictures of the hands-on activities, print them out, and put them in the notebook for a "scrapbook" of your year. Our kids treasured their notebooks and enjoyed looking back at them years later!

    I do NOT make any guarantees about this curriculum. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

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Week 1 Basic Geography
Week 2 Japan
Week 3 China
Week 4 Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
Week 5 Australia
Week 6 India & Nepal
Week 7 Russia
Week 8 Germany, Switzerland & Poland
Week 9 Italy
Week 10 Greece
Week 11 Israel
Week 12 Saudi Arabia & The Middle East
Week 13 Egypt
Week 14 Kenya & Tanzania
Week 15 Southern Africa
Week 16 Congo & Cameroon
Week 17 Western Africa
Week 18 Northern Africa
Week 19 Spain & Portugal
Week 20 France
Week 21 Netherlands
Week 22 United Kingdom & Ireland
Week 23 Sweden, Norway & Finland
Week 24 Canada
Week 25 United States of America
Week 26 Mexico
Week 27 Central America & The West Indies
Week 28 Brazil
Week 29 Peru
Week 30 Argentina & Chile
Week 31 Galapagos Islands
Week 32 Hawaiian Islands
Week 33 French Polynesia & Other Pacific Islands
Week 34 New Zealand
Week 35 Papua New Guinea
Week 36 Malaysia, Indonesia & The Philippines






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