American History 2 - 1950's

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The 1950's (2 weeks: weeks 30-31)
Some topics: Korean War, Polio Vaccine, Civil Rights, Eisenhower

Library is for resources that should be available at most well-stocked libraries. The other icons are explained by the text right next to them.

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Speaking Out: The Civil Rights Movement


Speaking Out: The Civil Rights Movement 1950-1964

These National Geographic books are full of colorful photos, illustrations and informative text.





Jonas Salk


Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine

You can preview this book at Google Books.

ReaderReader (comic book style) 30

The Wonderful Flight to Mushroom Planet


The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom PlanetReading level 4.9

This is a science fiction story written in the 50’s. Although it’s science fiction, it definitely has a “50’s” feel to it.

ReaderReader (Science fiction)


Video Yearbook: Korea: America’s Forgotten War movieDiscovery Streaming 30
1950’s Sunbeam bread commercial movie Online video 30
1954 Corporate Cold War-era cartoon promoting capitalism movie Online video 30

Modern America


Modern America The Story of the U.S.A. book 4

This workbook covers the Eisenhower years through the end of the Cold War.

"Each chapter opens with a vocabulary section of 5 to 10 words with pronunciations. Passages are followed by multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true/false questions with a writing and discussion element at the end of the chapter."

I've scheduled in these workbooks because they provide an easy to understand framework and also provide practice for comprehension skills, vocabulary and more.


Workbook 31



Dwight D. Eisenhower: Thirty-fourth President 1953-1961 (Getting to Know the Us Presidents)

Otter LOVES these books written and illustrated by Mike Venezia. Even my big kids read them all as older teens because the information is presented in such an engaging and easy to retain style.

All of the Venezia books I schedule in are optional for the president's study, but they are so fun, you might want to check out at least a few. Most libraries will have these books, so you probably won't need to purchase any.


FlagPresident book


1952 Eisenhower presidential animated campaign commercial movie Online video 31

October Sky


October Sky

"Coalwood, West Virginia, 1957. Working in the coal mines is an inescapable way of life in this small town. When high schooler Homer Hickam, Jr. (Jake Gyllenhaal) sees the Sputnik satellite in the night sky, he dares to break free of the mines and reach for the stars. With the support of his teacher (Laura Dern) and three friends, Homer sets out on an inspiring quest to build his own rocket. Overcoming a poor education, a tough father (Chris Cooper) and a series of misfires, Homer turns his dreams into reality in this incredible true story of hope, determination and triumph. "You’ll laugh with it, cry with it, and go away absolutely loving it," says Robert Butler (Knight Ridder News Service) of the critically acclaimed October Sky." Quote from Amazon

This is an inspiring movie that our family really enjoyed .


movie DVD


Our Changing Family Life movie Online video 31
If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King

If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King

Reading level 3.5

The "If You Lived" series provides a glimpse into different time periods through a question and answer format.




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