Ancient History Curriculum & Schedule

This schedule is ARCHIVED. It is not kept up-to-date and links are not updated.

Ancient history curriculum

Learn history from the beginning of time through the Romans. This 36 week chronological journey through ancient times is chock full of optional hands-on activities, videos, and more! You have the choice of using The Story of the World as a spine text OR Mystery of History! Adaptable for grades 1-6.

This is a curriculum I actually did with my own son, when he was a 5th grader. We had a wonderful time learning about ancient history. I hope you will too!

Why I created this curriculum:

One of the important considerations in creating this history curriculum was that I wanted to do history chronologically. I wanted to see how all of the different civilizations interacted with each other and what different peoples were doing at similar times. I did NOT want to study ancient civilizations in unnatural "chunks": Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc. This is a CHRONOLOGICAL history curriculum. That means that sometimes you might study something about Rome when you are learning something about the Greeks. That's how it happened in real life. That's how I like to teach it.

A bit about the history spine books:

We used Mystery of History as our main history spine and supplementing with The Story of the World. The schedule reflects that. However, YOU may prefer only using The Story of the World or some other combination (especially if you are a secular homeschooling family). Feel free pick whichever spine book that matches what YOU want to do (or not do). If you get the printable schedule, you can totally mix-and-match to your heart's content by deleting or adding in whatever you want.

Mystery of History has scheduled activities. I’ve only scheduled in the ones I am interested in doing with my son and came up with my own from various sources which are also put into the MOH (Mystery of History) activity category in the schedule since they relate to the lessons. There is another slot for activities farther down the schedule that are related to the other scheduled books such as Story of the World, History Pockets and so on. Mix and match whatever activities interest you. You can also, of course, add in things you want to do that are in either of the spine books that I chose not to do. Check the different areas of the schedule in case there is an activity from Mystery of History (or Story of the World) that you like, even if you aren’t using either book.

As far as I know, the folks behind Mystery of History do not allow their table of contents, etc.  to be put in schedules without permission. I wrote them asking for permission to post their table of contents but never received a reply. Because of this, I do not list their table of content titles, activities, or anything else other than "lesson 1", "lesson 2", etc. If you purchase a printable schedule, you may wish to fill in additional Mystery of History assignments in for your own purposes, as it makes it a little easier to know what main subject you are covering. You will also need to fill in the corresponding timeline figures, activities, etc. Basically my schedule includes only the Mystery of History chapter numbers. NO specific Mystery of History content is listed.

I don’t make ANY claims about this schedule. This schedule was created by me for my son. I’m not responsible for how you choose to use this schedule. 

Books and Resources for Ancient History

*Resources include books, videos, printables (including those found online for free), etc.

I've scheduled in quite a few books (and other resources like videos and printables) over this year's study. I've tried to include a pretty large variety of titles for both advanced AND reluctant readers as well as different learners and ages. Most of the titles have been chosen with my own son in mind (since this study was originally created for him after all!). He was a reluctant reader at the time (which we eventually cured, lol) and liked a lot of non-fiction and visual books as well as engaging, fictional stories based on real events. Please note: you don't have to use all or even ANY of the titles I list. I've created a framework that you can feel free to change and tweak as you wish. If you have a book you would rather use - then schedule it instead! This is a pick-and-choose kind of history curriculum. There is plenty of room for change and adaptation.

You can use this as a supplement instead of a curriculum:

You may also want to merely browse the titles I have listed and add extra reading to any other history curriculum you may have purchased or are using. The titles I've chosen would go along well (in my opinion) with other literature based programs like Sonlight, Winter Promise, My Father's World, Ambleside, Veritas and others.

Ancient history curriculum books

Click here for the books and materials list!


I’ve listed major supplies that go with most activities and recipes but have left out the most common materials like water, glue, scissors, etc. You will want to double check activity instructions and recipes to make sure you have everything that’s needed.


Readers are chosen with the idea that your student will probably read them silently, however they are fine for read-alouds too! They are usually “easier” and were chosen with my reluctant reader in mind. History selections can be either read-alouds or readers depending on your child’s age, ability and interest. Some of the history selections may be too difficult for a younger student to read alone and may contain issues you want to preview or discuss as you read along. You can, of course, substitute any other book(s) of your choosing. It should be easy to plug in your favorites.


I’ve included various website links that may help to enhance the weekly topics. I tend to favor websites that have something “extra cool” (at least in my opinion) or interactive vs. just some text to read. Please use caution and your discretion. The web is always changing and what was safe to look at yesterday may not be today! PREVIEW links to make sure they are appropriate for your family. None of the scheduled websites are integral to the program so feel free to skip them. BrainPOP is also highly optional, but something that my son loved.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed!

This schedule contains far more activities than may be reasonable for you to get through. I’m NOT kidding! There is probably no way you will get to each and every single thing.  Like most curricula I design, this is a totally pick and choose curriculum with lots of extras and optional items! I am such an extras junkie! I like LOTS of options! Don’t feel overwhelmed and don’t think you have to check off every box or do every activity!

Don't be afraid to pick-and-choose! Get the books that perk your interest. Skip the ones that you know your kids are going to absolutely hate. The best thing about this type of curriculum is that it's so adaptable. Kids are sick? Pare things down. Kids want to know more about something? Take the time to do it and explore all of the linked printables, videos and activities. YOU are in charge, not the schedule.

Organizing your materials

After going through the schedule and adjusting it to suit you, you can do several things to get ready for your school year. One method I’ve read about recently is where you get 36 file folders, 1 for each week. Inside each folder you put all the printouts of items you will need for that week as well as that week’s schedule. Each week you pull out the appropriate folder and you are ready to go. There is no last minute printing or copying, etc.!

I personally print out things the Friday before the week when they will be used. That way if we get behind and I end up not doing some printables (which happens!), I haven’t wasted paper and ink.

Additional Thoughts

Warning! I have not been able to preview each and every item or video in this schedule! Use at your own discretion! What’s OK for one family may not be for another so please check everything out to make sure it aligns with your family’s beliefs, etc.!   My son’s ratings are listed with each book title on the books and materials page, so you can get an idea of what a kid thought of some of the materials (rather than just some curriculum writer)!


Beginning of the year prep work:

  • Scan all the Mystery of History maps for the year so you can print them out when needed.
  • Gather or create timeline figures/illustrations for the year.
  • Join and then print out the pronunciation bookmark from the MOH (Mystery of History) Yahoo group:
  • Purchase 3x5 cards to make Mystery of History memory cards.
  • Print out any worksheets, lapbook items, etc. to be used
  • Make copies of the History Pocket pages

Question: If I buy all of those books, I'll spend a fortune! How can I afford this?

Answer: Check out our article on how to use a literature-based curriculum without breaking the bank!

*Note: We didn’t end up using very many of the Mystery of History maps. I liked the maps and map assignments in SOTW (Story of the World). We also only made memory cards for ½ the year, as I preferred having Otter make notebooking pages instead.

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NOTE: The online version of this schedule is currently NOT kept up-to-date. Links may or may not work.

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