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I've found that Otter really retains information better when he has the opportunity to do some lapbooking or notebooking. With this in mind, I've started creating some lapbook materials for him. I intend on expanding this section of the site in the future by adding in lots more lapbooking goodies! :-) You can download everything for free!

Country and Cultures Lapbook Pack

Download a high quality, 21 page lapbook pack with additions coming in the next couple of weeks! Even if you aren't into lapbooks, you may want to see what printables we have available in this pack, because some of them may be a great addition to notebooking, etc. You can also download a pretend passport to document your learning journeys!




Lapbook Templates

I'm creating a new section on the site where you can download all sorts of lapbook templates. Use the templates for your lapbook projects.





Nutrition lapbook

Nutrition Lapbook

Janice VanCleaves' Food and Nutrition for Every Kid is a book I scheduled in Otter's Science for weeks 19-24. It's a great book, but I could see that Otter was having a hard time retaining some of the concepts and new vocabulary. I decided to help him out by creating the materials below for a lapbook. Now he can tell you all sorts of things about monosaccarides and what one of the jobs of the hypothalamus is, etc.! I love how lapbooking helps information stick!




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