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From this page we direct you to the various math resources for homeschooling we have available on our site like printables, worksheets, lessons, supplements, ideas and more.

If you want your kids to be good at reading, it makes sense to fill your home with books. If you want your kids to be good at math (or at least be comfortable with it), it makes sense to fill your home with great math materials. The pages below contain items and ideas that might be useful in making your home "math friendly".

Don't forget the "natural" world around you too, like the grocery store and other great opportunities for making math a normal daily part of life!


Math Printables
Here you will find a variety of math printables, worksheets and manipulatives.

Math Supplements
These items help to make math more "user friendly" and even fun!
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  • Literature
  • Books and math mixed? You bet! We love many of these great titles you can get at your local library. Liven up math concepts with literature!

  • Manipulatives
  • "See" what you are learning and make math concrete! Play and learn at the same time.

  • Software
  • Take a look at the math software we've enjoyed!

  • Workbooks

    Check out our list of math workbooks or "extras".

Our Experiences with Math
This is an article I wrote that talks about our own personal experiences with math. I also included a chart showing different curriculums we used over the years for our children. Curriculums are linked at the bottom with short descriptions.

Reviews / Thoughts / Articles on Math Curriculums
Check out our articles and reviews! More will be added in the future!

Math Comparison Chart
Compare the strengths and weaknesses of different, popular math programs.

Otter's Pre-Algebra Math Schedule
Lots of books, videos, games, printables and more help bring pre-algebra concepts to life!

Click here to download the schedule in .doc format.

Click here to download the schedule in .docx format.






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