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Math Counters (Bears)

Math counters are a fun way to introduce many different math concepts. You can start off a toddler with counting, work with a kindergartener on simple addition and subtraction "stories", or practice multiplication and division with your third grader. Our kids LOVED using math counters to illustrate story problems.

Math CountersWe've made some printable "milk chocolate" bear math counters! Click here to get the PDF. I suggest that you print them out onto cardstock and cover them with clear contact paper for durability before cutting them apart. Colored "candy" bears can be downloaded below. Select your favorite "flavor" or download a variety for sorting or just for fun!


If you'd like to try out some interactive online math counters, click here (you will go off-site).

You can also order some from Rainbow Resource. Do a search for "counters". They have lots of different kinds.

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