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Supplementary Math Literature:

Combining literature and math is FUN! Lessons are more memorable when they are connected to a story. My youngest son has really enjoyed checking out a lot of the following titles from the library. Liven up your math lesson with literature!

Some of the books below will be more appropriate for young learners, but some titles are great all the way through high school. I've put in parenthesis after each title what the main focus is on so you can see if any match what your child is currently working on. Choose the area you are working on or browse sections by approximate age and/or grade level.

Counting and Learning About Numbers

Counting and introductory numbersHere's a page of math books that teach beginning counting and introductory numbers. Click here to take a look.
Most of these books are appropriate for very little learners from babies and toddlers on up to very early elementary.

Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction BooksTake a look at our section of books that feature addition and/or subtraction.
Most of the math books listed are appropriate for preschoolers through early elementary.


Learning About Time


Do you need to work on learning time? Then these math books are for you!

Multiplication and Division

Click here to see a page of picture books and stories that feature multiplication and division concepts, including skip counting.
The books on this page are mostly appropriate for grades K-4.





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