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I LOVE teaching science. Science was my youngest son's favorite subject, and we made many wonderful memories learning it together!

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All printables in this section require free Adobe Acrobat Reader .

I also have some biology printables in the biology curriculum section of my website.

Some of the printables below are FREE and some can be purchased from my store.


4 seasons tree craft and activity

4 Seasons Tree Art Activity / Craft

You can use this one page activity with students learning about the four seasons.

There are four trees with bare branches. Cut the squares out and paste them onto colored construction paper. Kids can then decorate the trees to depict the four seasons. They can use crayons, markers, tissue paper, torn up pieces of colored construction paper, or even real bits of leaves! Bits of cotton balls and toilet paper will work for the winter tree. This project is easy to do and the results are really cute!

This printable activity is an adapted excerpt from The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities book. You can purchase the entire book from, or you can buy the PDF version here at!

Biology printables

FREE Biology printables

I have 237 free biology worksheets covering a variety of topics! These biology printables were adapted from the CK-12 biology worksheets.


FREE Classification cards - Practice classification using these cards. They are color coded to match the cards in the printable above so students know which label is a kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus or species name. There is also a "check" card so students can check their work (especially if the cards get "mixed up"). Click the following animal names in the table below for a printable that looks similar to the one on the left. Students can compare the animal cards to see the similarities and differences in classification names.

Classification Card Base Cards

Creature classification cards:

Dog Cat Zebra Horse Lion
Rabbit Cheetah Gecko Mosquito Salmon


Botany and Plant printables

FREE Botany printables - Click here to visit my botany printables page. There are several worksheets and printables about plant cells, taxonomy, stems, plant cell membranes and more!

botany printables

Copperplate a nail experiment

FREE Copper plate a nail experiment

This is a fun experiment my son and I did together with terrific results! You get step-by-step instructions and pictures of our results.

Dissection lab printable


FREE Dissection lab printable

Use this printable to write-up and illustrate your dissection labs.

Edible DNA experiment

FREE Edible DNA experiment

My sons loved making and eating this edible DNA model made from red licorice and marshmallows!

Flower notebooking page

FREE Flower notebooking page (editable in Microsoft Word)

This blank sheet (a filled in example is shown to the left) is for recording the various plants and flowers you'll be learning about this year. You can choose from an editable page that can be filled out on your computer or one to print out and fill in by hand.

These pages will make a nice scrapbook of plants and flowers and help you learn to easily identify them out in the world!


  1. Paste a picture in directly from the Internet. Google an example of the plant in Google images, right click & copy your favorite image and then paste it into the box in MS Word. Resize it as necessary.
  2. Type in your plant or flower facts directly onto the page in the fact box.
  3. Type the name of your plant into the name box on the top right.
  4. Choose colors to represent the main colors of your flower or plant. For example: Asters come in a variety of colors. Some Aster flowers are purple, light pink, yellow, light blue or a deep fuchsia. I've colored the circles in the Nature's Paintbox section to represent the main colors the Aster flower comes in.

    To color in the circles in MS Word, click on a circle, right click and choose "format auto shape". On the first tab marked colors and lines click the drop down menu marked color. Choose "More colors" and then choose from the honeycomb of colors or from the slider on the custom color tab.

    You may enjoy coloring the circles by hand with markers, crayons, paint or colored pencils instead. If that's the case, wait until you've printed the page out.

Flower notebooking page PDF


Print out and fill in.

nutrition lapbook and printables

FREE Click here to go to our nutrition lapbook page. I have 16 pages of printables covering topics like:

  • Macro and micronutrients
  • The hypothalamus
  • Monosaccharides and disaccharides
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Amino Acids
  • Vitamins
  • The liver
Microscope lab printable
FREE Printable Microscope lab sheet
This printable is for your microscope lab. Two circles with light gray grids are provided for drawings and there is a lined area for notes and observations.
Northern lights art activity and lesson

Northern Lights Art Activity and Science Lesson

This printable has a 1 page science lesson about the northern lights (aurora). The 2nd page has simple instructions on how to make a beautiful northern lights art project using watercolors and black construction paper.

The lesson covers the following topics:

* The earth’s geographic and magnetic poles
* What causes the aurora borealis
* Places you might see northern lights
* What aurora are called in the Southern Hemisphere
* What causes the colors in the northern lights

The art activity gives stunning results, even for the least capable artist. It’s easy to do and very pretty!

Mix a bit of science and art together with this northern lights art project / painting / lesson!

This printable lesson and activity is an adapted excerpt from The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities book. You can purchase the entire book from, or you can buy the PDF version here at!

Rain in a Jar experiment

Rain in a Jar Science Experiment

This printable features the classic “rain in a jar” science and weather experiment. The printable has easy-to-follow instructions with beautiful illustrations that are hand drawn and digitally painted.

This is a fun and easy activity to demonstrate a variety of concepts such as:

* weather
* rain
* condensation
* cloud formation

Kids love science activities. They’ll love it even more with their own set of super-cute instructions! After doing the activity, this printable is perfect to slip into a science notebook to remind children what they did and learned.

This printable activity is an adapted excerpt from The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities book. You can purchase the entire book from, or you can buy the PDF version here at!

Science of Seasons Activity book

The Science of Seasons Activities book

Join Abigail, Henry, Grace, and their lively Fox Terrier, Beowulf, in this companion activity book to The Science of Seasons!

Far more than a typical activity book, The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities book contains a highly varied assortment of cross-curricular lessons and projects, which will engage children on many different levels. You get over 100 pages stuffed full of engaging things to learn and do that expand on the topics in The Science of Seasons book. Kids can bring to life the lessons they are learning with character cutouts and playsets, fill out the make your own comic templates, and create a globe of the earth for fun experiments.

Click here for a PDF list of topics, activities, and learning points that are featured in The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities book.







FREE Science experiment printable

This 2 page printable is for generic science experiments. There is room for drawing and prompts for a hypothesis, materials used, procedure, observations and conclusion. There are also two small follow up questions with yes/no bubbles at the end.

Solids, Liquids, and Gases Printable

Solids, Liquids, and Gases Printable

You get two printable pages in this download and one title page that serves as an answer key. The first printable page has 12 labeled pictures to cut out. Paste the pictures into the appropriate spots on the 2nd page .

There is a “challenge” square that features shaving cream. If possible, allow your students to touch real shaving cream and make their guesses as to which section it should be pasted into. You can explain that shaving cream is a liquid soap with a lot of gas bubbles mixed in. The gas bubbles make it thick enough to keep its shape. Allow your students to look at it with a magnifying glass. You can also leave it out overnight to see what happens! The liquid will evaporate and leave behind a thin, solid layer of soap.

Glue or place round cereal (or use other similar objects) to the page, to show how atoms are packed into solids, liquids and gases.

Happy learning!

*Please note: This printable is included for free in the Knowledge of Nature Curriculum


Water Cycle Wheel

Water Cycle Wheel Printable

This 3 page PDF features a super cute water cycle wheel and a little water facts booklet. *Please note: This printable is included for free in the Knowledge of Nature Curriculum

Students can make their own water cycle wheel that shows the following stages of the water cycle: precipitation, collection, evaporation, and condensation. There are also several facts about water on the cut-out sheets.

The top wheel has super cute, kid-friendly illustrations kids can color. There are two options for the bottom wheel. The 1st option is already illustrated, with definitions for each stage of the water cycle. The 2nd option isn’t illustrated. Kids can draw their own illustrations beneath the definitions.

To assemble the wheel you will need a brad fastener that pokes through the black dot on the top wheel.

The 4 page booklet discusses various water cycle facts like:

  • How & why you could be drinking water a dinosaur drank (creation / evolution neutral)
  • An example of evaporation
  • An example of transpiration

Kids can color the top page of the booklet and staple the pages together with a single staple (per booklet).

There are lots of water cycle wheels available, but this one is so cute!! It will help make learning about the water cycle fun.


FREE Vertebrate and Invertebrate Picture Cards:
Use these picture cards for practice in classifying animals, for pointing out the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates or for a homemade science game. You can also print the cards out as pages for a nature notebook.

Symbols courtesy of the Integration and Application Network (, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.










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