Free Homeschool Math Printables

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We offer free printable math printables, worksheets, lessons, printable manipulatives and more!

All printables in this section require free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Some of the printables are FREE, and some can be purchased in my online store.

Printable Fraction Blocks Set 1

FREE Fraction Blocks Set 1
This is a set of fraction blocks for modeling 1 whole through 1/12. This set features blue and purple colors.

FREE Decimal Blocks Set 1
This is the same as above only with the corresponding decimals.

We recommend printing this set on cardstock and then cutting the pieces out. You can store them in a Ziplock bag.

Printable Fraction Blocks Set 2

FREE Fraction Set Two
Here's another set of fraction blocks - just in different colors.

We recommend printing this set on cardstock and then cutting the pieces out. You can store them in a Ziplock bag.

Printable Fraction Blocks Black & White

FREE Fraction Set 3 (Black & White)
This set of fraction blocks isn't colored at all. This is for those of you who'd like to save ink or do your "own" coloring.

We recommend printing this set on cardstock and then cutting the pieces out. You can store them in a Ziplock bag.

Graphing Temperatures

Graphing Temperatures

You get 3 printables in this temperature graphing packet.

You can use the graphs for math, science, or both! The instructions set up a project where students graph temperatures over the course of 31 days. Temperatures on the graph range from -30 degrees to 115 degrees.

The graphs are designed to be started on any day of the month, during any month or season. There is space for students to write in the name of the month at the top. A little sidebar on the first page reminds students that this type of graph is called a bar graph.

The 1st page has “Henry” introducing the project with an example day recorded on the graph. The 2nd page can be used to graph an additional month to compare temperatures. The 3rd page is a blank graph (no other graphics other than the words “graphing temperatures” at the top) with temperatures down the left side and days across the top.

Happy learning!

This printable activity is an adapted excerpt from The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities book. You can purchase the entire book from, or you can buy the PDF version here at!

Math Help Sheet

Help and Reference Sheet

This math help & reference sheet is perfect for a math notebook. It gives children a colorful and visual reminder of a multitude of math facts such as:

• Multiplication tables
• Fractions
• Angles (acute, right, obtuse)
• Divisibility rules
• How to find the area of a triangle
• Area
• Perimeter
• Math vocabulary (words like factor, product, divisor, quotient, dividend, numerator, denominator)
• Liquid Measurement (how many quarts, pints, and cups are in a gallon)
• Parallel and perpendicular lines
• Diameter and radius of a circle

There are cute hand-drawn characters (and a little bit of humor) to help make math friendlier and less intimidating.

Some kids need a little extra help remembering these types of basic math facts. This printable helps them get their math work done more quickly and provides a quick reference they will access again and again! My own son used this sheet for a couple of years.

Printable Hundred number chart

FREE Hundred Number Chart
Use this 100 number chart to show and discover number patterns, to practice counting, to understand quantity and more!

FREE Blank Chart
Fill in your own numbers. This blank chart is great for skip counting practice.

Hundred Number chart tiles (printable)

FREE Hundred Number Chart "Tiles"

Use these tiles on the 100 number charts above to "cover up" numbers, discover patterns, etc. We recommend you print them onto cardstock and then cut the squares out along the black lines. The tiles are designed to be exactly the same size as the squares on our charts.

Math Chips

FREE Math Chips
Print these math chips onto card stock and then cut them out to help with a variety of math lessons such as place value, multiplication and more. I created them originally so that my son could use them with his Singapore math books.


Metric Help Sheet

Metric Numbers Help Sheet / Poster

This fun printable helps students visualize how to convert metric numbers. There are two methods explained on the printable: multiplying and dividing by 10, as well as moving the decimal point.

Frog and Squirrel have their own preferred way of converting decimals and share examples of each.

You get one full color printable (great for a math notebook or handout), as well as one printable that is in black-and-white. Kids can color the black-and-white version, or you can use it to save on print costs.

Counting Bears printable

FREE Milk Chocolate Counting Bears (Counters)
These "yummy" bears make great math counters! Use them to illustrate all sorts of math concepts. I recommend you print them out onto cardstock and possibly cover them with contact paper before cutting out for durability.

Colored "candy" bears can also be downloaded. Select your favorite "flavor" or download a variety for sorting or just for fun!

Blueberry Bears Grape Bears
Green Apple Bears Milk Chocolate Bears
Lemonade Bears Cookie Bears
(holding chocolate chips, some with chocolate chip hats)
Strawberry Bears Orange Marmalade Bears


Subtraction printable

FREE Subtraction Lesson

The Easy Way to Subtract!
I didn't even know this "easy" way to subtract numbers until recently. Now I'm sharing what my son and I learned with you and your children. This is NOT borrowing (despite the graphic to the left).

There are four pages. The first two pages are the "lesson" (easy explanations that "talk" directly to your child) and the third page has practice problems. The fourth page contains the answers (so mom doesn't have to figure anything out or Jr. can check his own work).

This lesson is most appropriate for students who have their subtraction facts down and understand and are comfortable with the concept of "borrowing". You can demonstrate the concepts in this lesson visually and in a hands-on way with the math chips below.

*Ignore the mistake where I have an ADDITION sign instead of a subtraction sign on the main page graphic! LOL...I have no idea where the original document is right now to correct it.

Place Value Chart

FREE Place Value Chart
This place value chart is designed to go with the above math chips. There are nine circles in each place to help demonstrate carrying and borrowing (since only 9 will "fit" you will need to trade for a 10, etc.).

Printable place value chart

FREE Blank Place Value Chart
Here is a blank place value chart!




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