Free Notebooking and Handwriting Papers

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Welcome to our notebooking printables page! We have lots of free printables for you to download or print out!

Feel free to download some handwriting paper, story papers, history and geography related items, fun notebooking pages and more to help with your homeschooling.

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All printables in this section require free Adobe Acrobat Reader .

Geography notebooking pages

Notebooking Pages and Lapbook Printables for Geography

This is a section we'll be filling up with geography notebooking pages. We've also added some printables that are perfect for lapbooks!

History notebooking pages

Notebooking Pages for History

We're just starting on this section and plan to add lots of fun pages to make your history notebooking fun! Check out our geography page above too, for printables that might work for history.

Science notebooking pages Notebooking pages for science - Our science printables page contains some notebooking style printables.
Free notebooking pages

Multi-purpose Notebooking pages / Handwriting / Copywork pages

These pages have a multitude of various borders / boxes, etc.
They are featured in wide rule size (lines are 1 cm apart) as well as Handwriting Without Tears style (intermediate size).

Primary Illustration / Handwriting Paper

Primary Illustration / Handwriting Paper

These papers have a "decorated" window at the top for illustrations and primary handwriting lines below. They are perfect for notebooking, copywork, narration and more! Print out your favorite designs!

Intermediate Illustration / Handwriting Paper

Intermediate Illustration / Handwriting Paper

Intermediate paper has lines that are the same width as "wide rule" paper from the store. It is more appropriate for children whose fine motor skills are better developed. We feature lots of different borders.

Primary Story Paper

Primary Story Paper

This printable paper has a small illustration box up in the left corner. You can fit a lot more text on it for longer writing assignments. Our primary story paper features many of the same borders as our other papers.

Free Handwriting without tears handwriting paper Handwriting without Tears (HWOT) style paper. The double lines are spaced 2/16 " apart.
Primary handwriting lines

Plain primary handwriting paper

Primary handwriting lines are 1/2 inch spaced lines with a dashed middle. Lines are spaced to allow room for descending letters. We have created most of our handwriting papers with gray lines to save ink and also because it looks "nicer" with children's writing.

Intermediate handwriting lines

Plain intermediate handwriting paper

Intermediate handwriting lines are wide rule size (like the packages of paper you buy at the store) with a dashed middle line to encourage handwriting accuracy. Lines are spaced to allow room for descending letters.


Want to make your own handwriting and copywork pages? Here is a blog post I wrote about different font resources for your homeschool!






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