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Book Review of Everless by Sara Hollan


Everless book review

Everless is such a unique Y.A. (young adult) fantasy book that is so original! In Sempera the coins are minted from the populace’s blood. Magic is bound up in the blood and tied to time – the poor peasants sell their blood to be minted in coins – a small coin grants an hour, a huge round marked disc grants a year. A desperate peasant can go to sell a few years of his time and end up dead, as no one knows when his time will run out. The people earn back coins of time through their labor. The rich live timeless lives, melting coins on their tongues and living hundreds of years. The magic in the coins is used to keep roses blooming longer and fires burning slower and brighter. All the beauty and glory of those who live in Everless comes from the time they steal from the people.

Jules and her father live a quiet life in the village, but her father is dying and Jules is desperate to earn some coins to prolong his life. An opportunity arises for her to go to Everless and work, but Jules and her father are in hiding. Their previous life at Everless was ended by an incident that must remain a secret. If Jules returns, she could be discovered as the girl who left all those years ago. If she doesn’t, her father will die. His time is running out…

In Everless there are mysteries and everything is not as it seems. Jules is about to discover things about herself and others that can change the entire fabric of her life and time itself.

I loved the unique premise of this book as well as the world building and the tensions between the characters, including some unexpected developments that had me whipping through the pages. I love the unexpected twists. Usually I’m pretty good at figuring things out ahead of time, but not with Everless. The secrets revealed and the mysteries that were unraveled hit me like a brick. The writing isn’t perfect as a few bits here and there felt trite and formulaic like where Jules and the princess sneak out and run to the tavern as if the princess is just an ordinary commoner, but then there were other parts that were so unique and unusual that they more than made up for those other small moments. I also appreciated the fact that this book is CLEAN – as in no graphic sex scenes, etc. It’s true YA mixed with a bit of a sometimes violent fairy tale.

I enjoyed this highly imaginative fantasy and can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.

Thanks to HarperTeen and Edelweiss for the ARC! :-)

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