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Book Review of Reboot by Amy Tintera


In a post-apocalyptic word, the KDH virus causes some people to "reboot" and come back to life after dying from the disease. Wren is known as 178, a number reflecting how long she was dead before she rebooted. The longer you are dead, the less human you become.

Wren rebooted stronger, faster, and with less human emotion than almost any of her counterparts.  She is the perfect weapon.  Callum, on the other hand, is just a 22- practically still a human, with feelings and weaknesses that would normally leave him for dead in the Reboot world.  He'll never make it and Wren knows it. Yet she takes him on anyway to train him for the squads of Reboots who kill for the government. As Wren struggles with her new student,  it suddenly becomes apparent that Callum isn't the only one learning new things. Wren is discovering that there really isn't so much after all that separates a reboot from a human and that the government that's been protecting her may not be so benevolent after all .

I love post-apocalyptic dystopians and Reboot didn't disappoint. Wren is a complex character who you discover as she discovers herself. She goes from a cold, calculating killer to someone who is confused by new feelings and a growing fondness for the student she thought she would hate. Besides all of the action and the subplots concerning the evil government, there are also moments of humor that made me chuckle like this comment from Callum:

"Can I get some warning next time? A quick 'hey, I'm going to snap your bone with my bare hands right now. Brace yourself.'"

He's such a likeable character without a single mean streak and his constant attempts to pull the human bits from Wren are sweet and endearing. It was fun to watch Wren squirm with her new emotions and when she gets the order to eliminate Callum she is put in a position of disobeying a direct order for the first time for a very human emotion. Maybe the Reboots aren't as different from their previous selves as they thought. Maybe they are being used. Maybe they need to do something about it. Wren's new knowledge and her slow transformation lead her to choices she thought she'd never have to make. They are very human choices…where concepts like liberty, love and rebellion transform killing machines back into people.

Reboot ends on a cliffhanger. I look forward to revisiting the characters and see where they end up and what happens in their world.

Now for the MOM part of my review:

There is a great deal of violence - not only during the training where bones are broken on purpose, but also when the reboots go out to round up adults infected with the KDH virus, etc. There is s*xual content - kissing and references talking about when the two main characters will someday have s*x. Callum talks about Wren's shyness when she has to change and says there will be none of that when they sleep together in the future. There is also a mention of teens using the showers for s*xual encounters and a mention of birth control injected into the arms of the teen female reboots. While straightforward and not graphic, I would not feel comfortable with my teen reading it. There is also some occassional swearing with words such as sh*t, bada$$, a$$. There is also more than the normal share of "teen romance" - not something you want your kiddos to read, if you are trying to promote purity. Recommended only for adults who like Y.A. or dystopian novels or for very mature teens with a parent's preview due to the above concerns.

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*I recieved a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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