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Book Review of Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic

Unstoppable - Book Review

Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action

Wow, what a story! Nick was born without arms and legs, but he's had an amazing life. This is NOT the beginning of his story, which you can read in Life Without Limits. Unstoppable picks up later on in Nick's life and describes an emotional crisis he went through as well as the story of how he dealt with it and later met his lovely wife. The latter half of the book contains various testimonies from others who've gone through a variety of challenges, putting their faith to the test and finding the courage to push on.

While Unstoppable does talk about some of Nick's personal struggles, the book is only partly about him and for this reason it didn't appeal to me as much as his first book, Life Without Limits. Unstoppable is more of a motivational book that anyone could have written and addresses a host of challenges like relationship issues, self-destructive thoughts, depression, career and finance issues, etc. The point of the book is how to respond to all of these types of issues by putting your faith into action. It's about God's purpose and plan for your life. It's about never giving up and becoming "unstoppable".

I guess the difference between this and any other motivational book is the fact that Nick has lived through dark and troubling times and never shies away from explaining all the personal, gory details. You read his story and think, "If HE can do it..." However, his style of writing is somewhat rambling and jumps around from one thing to another. The flow of the book was and this distracted from Nick's message (at least for me). Also, many of the difficulties he described facing are just "anyone's problems". He bit off more than he could chew financially with his company, he wasn't sure if the girl he had a crush on liked him, etc. etc. I found it to be a mix of charming and boring all wrapped up in one book. So Nick doesn't have any arms and legs. He is just a regular guy with regular problems. I guess in a way that's a testimony to how far he's come and just how successful he's been able to manage with his own physical limitations.

Nick is an inspiring guy with an amazing testimony. While Unstoppable has some raw and honest moments, I just wasn't drawn into this book because it was less about Nick and more about his message. However, for someone suffering from depression or a dark period in their life, Unstoppable brings a positive message of hope that just might make a difference.

*I recieved a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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