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Lucado Study Bible

The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible, NKJV

Every morning, when we start our school day, I read to Otter from the Bible. It's a great way to start the day and it teaches that we give God precedence over everything else we do. We always start with Him first.
While I think Bible curriculum, devotionals and Bible lessons & books are great for kids, nothing can beat spending time in God's word itself. We usually read one chapter from the Old Testament, one from the New, as well as a daily chapter from Psalms and then Proverbs (4 chapters total). We have several copies of the Bible, but one of my new favorites is the Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible.
It's an attractive Bible that has verses arranged in a single column format, which means it reads like a "real" book instead of chopping up the verses into little sections. Headings are in a bold maroon which makes finding passages much easier than a traditional Bible (at least for me!).
There are lots of extra goodies in the form of side notes that really help you get more out of what you are reading. These notes help explain the context of the chapters (what's going on here?) and then go more in depth to help you pull out the points, truths or lessons to be learned as well as an application section to help you better apply the things you just read to your own life. There are also full page devotions and articles that help you see the bigger picture of how everything ties together.
I like how at the beginning of each book you are given a run-down on the who/what/when/where with a small outline of the contents. These introductions are good to help you and your students focus better on what is being read. It gives the foundation for you to fill in. There is also a devotional index so you can quickly look up topics that need to be quickly addressed (stubbornness, kindness, etc.) as well as a "where to turn when" index (when you doubt your faith, when you lack patience, etc.). All of the "extras" are written so that I think they would be accessible to not only adults, but also to most children. If you have a child who has outgrown some of the "kiddy" Bibles, I think it would make an excellent step up, especially for a child in the 13-17 years age range. It doesn't have all the flashy kid and teen oriented type of notes, but there is lots of good, solid and helpful guidance and information that may appeal to kids who are a little more serious in their approach to Bible study.
If you are looking for a good Bible to use with your kids (or just yourself!), you might be interested in giving this one a look. You can download a free 53 page chapter here and see if it might fit your Bible reading needs. I've personally claimed this one as my own!


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