Assigning Credits

This is just my own opinion about how to possibly assign credits. Everyone is different in how they do this, so this is just MY own personal way of thinking and nothing else. It is NOT a recommendation. We don't bind ourselves slavishly to traditional ways of thinking about school, so take this all with a grain of salt.

If you wish to use Guest Hollow's Anatomy & Physiology as a core curriculum, here are some of the things I think are covered as subjects. I won't list the amount of credits, as credit systems vary. I will give my general ideas about them, though.

Anatomy & Physiology - I personally believe that Guest Hollow's Anatomy Curriculum is worth a full year of science credits, but the labs and activities are an important component of those credits.

Literature - You can use the fiction books to count towards literature credits.

English - You can give assignments to count for English credits. Here are some ideas for that:

  • Research paper - Write 1 research paper per semester on any of the anatomy & physiology topics. Some example topics (which you will need to narrow down to something a bit more specific once a topic has been chosen):
    • Epigenetics
    • Forensic anthropology
    • ALS or any other similar disease
    • Sleep is linked with the ability to learn (and other brain related topics such as autism)
    • Cochlear implants and their effects on families (both positive and negative)
    • The history of leprosy
    • Polio
    • The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793
    • Smallpox
    • Vaccinations
    • New technologies to assist the blind, hearing impaired, paralyzed, etc.
    • Sleep disorders
    • Eugenics
    • Gene therapy
    • Type 2 Diabetes
    The possibilities for research papers and/ or projects are endless!!
  • Book reports - Write book reports for several of the books per semester. Click here to read instructions on how to write and grade a book report.
  • Other possible writing assignments:
    • Creative writing ideas:
      • Write a science fiction or dystopian style story that incorporates a new medical technology, enhancement, or disease
      • Write a story about a person affected by a specific disease or condition (and do the research to understand how this disease would affect the characters in the story)
      • Write a story set in history about a smallpox or other disease outbreak
  • Vocabulary - Make a list of vocabulary words from the various books. Look up definitions for unknown words and record them. If you have a Kindle, do the vocabulary flashcards that are created when you touch an unknown word (in any of the anatomy books you have on Kindle) for its definition.

History - I've marked in the book list which books can be used for history credits. I highly recommend you read Exploring the History of Medicine, if you wish to add in history credits. Other ways to add in additional history credits besides the reading:

  • Research the medical knowledge of a particular period in history
  • Create a timeline of medical advances
  • Research the scientists and doctors in history and their contributions to medicine
  • Research different medical treatments through history and how the patients were affected by these treatments
  • Research famous people in history who had disabilities and understand more about the time periods in which they lived
  • Research sanitation (or other things like famines) through history and how it affected the population of a particular area

Possible titles for history credits:

  • The History of Medicine
  • Disease and Medicine Through the Ages

Health - I think you could assign health credits for the books I've marked that are related to health topics. If you want credit for health, I highly recommend you include the book: Where There Is No Doctor. Basically any of the books that talk about nutrition, first aid, s*x, and drugs are appropriate to use for health credits. Public schools usually want students to take one semester of health.


Hopefully this helps you think through how you'd like to assign credits for Guest Hollow's Anatomy Curriculum, especially if you wish to use it as a core curriculum (one that is not JUST science), as my family did.



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