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Homeschool anatomy curriculum

Welcome to Guest Hollow's High School Anatomy curriculum! Most anatomy curriculums are comprised of thick, boring textbooks with a handful of labs. Our anatomy curriculum has TWO engaging textbook options, loads of great books, fun labs, fascinating videos and even online games and free printables scheduled in. It's meaty enough to be a "core" curriculum, and flexible enough to be reduced to the bare bones (har-har!), if you already have a daily schedule that is weighing your student down.

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Our anatomy curriculum has 3 different levels that follow the same topics, so you can teach a multitude of ages. Click here to see the pre-K through 2nd grade level. Click here to see the jr. (elementary through middle school) level.

Looking for the OLD Otter's High School Anatomy curriculum? Click here.

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Topics for this curriculum:

  • The human body (anatomy & physiology)
  • Genetics
  • History of medicine (optional books)
  • First Aid and practical medical treatment
  • Learn about and be inspired by real life people suffering from a variety of conditions that occur when the body isn't working right, like:
    • ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
    • Blindness
    • Cystic Fibrosis
    • Deafness
    • Hemophilia
  • Learn about scientists who experimented on themselves and what they discovered
  • Nutrition
  • Parasites
  • Germs & Immunity
  • Drugs
  • Sexual purity (optional topic)
  • Pregnancy and parenting
  • and more!

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There are a variety of labs, experiments and activities this year that make use of many things around your home, with a few exceptions. Dissections and microscope slides are optional. If they aren't in your budget, you can watch videos of dissections online and can use Google images to view microscope slide images. Many activities are very friendly, easy to do, and appropriate for any age, from little kid to adult! Please provide adult supervision for any and all labs & activities. Click here to see a list of labs, activities and supplies for this year's curriculum.

Materials and resources

I've scheduled in a variety of fascinating books and resources to make this high school science course informative, interesting and fun! This curriculum isn't just for kids interested in the medical field. Guest Hollow's High School Anatomy is stuffed full of practical information teens can use for the rest of their lives!

Anatomy curriculum

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(Image of brain, blood type lab and slides shared with permission by Home Science Tools:

Question: What age is this anatomy curriculum for?

Answer: This curriculum is designed for high schoolers. The scheduled topics match up with our Jr. Anatomy Curriculum and Little Otter's Anatomy Curriculum, so you can teach a multitude of ages from preschool through high school. You can also mix-and-match books from the different levels to create the BEST fit for your child(ren).

Question: Is this science curriculum Christian or secular?

Answer: It's secular with a few Christian resources. Those resources are obvious (and marked in the resource list), so non-Christian families can easily skip them. You will need to preview materials to make sure they are appropriate for your family.

Question: If I buy all of those books, I'll spend a fortune! How can I afford this?

Answer: Check out our article on how to use a literature-based curriculum without breaking the bank!

Question: Why is your curriculum so different from most science curricula with all of those books and videos instead of just a textbook?

Answer: When I design curricula, I design it to be something *I* would love to learn and base my choices off of 20+ years of teaching my own children! Most kids don't retain a lot of what they learn solely from textbooks. Why? Because textbooks are often boring and kids can't relate what they are learning to real life. I've scoured through hundreds of books to find interesting stories and entertaining resources that bring learning to life. I've even scheduled in fiction that takes real science concepts and injects them into exciting stories.

I LOVE science. I've always wanted my kids to love science too, or to at least learn some practical things that using just a textbook isn't going to deliver. I've worked hard to create a high school science curriculum at a fraction of the cost with plenty of options that make it flexible, fascinating, and fun!

Question: How do I assign grades?

Answer: Click here for a suggestion on how to assign grades.

Question: How does your curriculum schedule differ from traditional style instructor's guides?

Answer: I've scheduled in books, videos, printables, labs, activities, etc. but I have NOT provided comprehension questions, tests, or anything else. Take a look at the free sample weeks by scrolling down below.

If you chose textbook option 1, you get a scratch off code for various workbook style activities in PDF format provided by the publisher. I've also provided free worksheets & printables (see below) for your students to record lab activities.

I sometimes shelled out big bucks for instructor's guides and usually only ended up using the schedule portion. Sometimes, in my opinion, less is more.

Question: Do I have to have my student do everything in the schedule, even when you have 5 videos to watch in one week?

Answer: I've scheduled in lots of videos as well as free printables and things like online games. Consider them a buffet of activities. If you are behind due to illness or another reason, it's easy to get back up to speed. Just pare down the schedule activities, and you're all set! Do you have another resource you'd rather use? Just plug it into the schedule and use it instead. The printable schedule is editable, so you can take out and add things as you desire.

Don't let the schedule rule you!

Always remember that YOU are in charge, not the schedule. Guest Hollow schedules are adaptable and flexible. There are some "light" weeks where you can play catch-up and heavier weeks with lots of OPTIONS, not commands, lol.

At the beginning of the year:
  • Set up a notebook (3-ring binder or similar) to store all your science papers for the year. You may want to take pictures of the labs, print them out, and put them in the notebook.

Below are some printables to use for some of the labs and activities. Print them out as needed.

Microscope lab printable

Printable Microscope lab sheet

This printable is for your microscope lab. Two circles with light gray grids are provided for drawings and there is a lined area for notes and observations.

Dissection lab printable

Dissection lab printable

Use this printable to write-up and illustrate your dissection labs.

Science experiment printable

This 2 page printable is for generic science experiments. There is room for drawing and prompts for a hypothesis, materials used, procedure, observations and conclusion. There are also two small follow up questions with yes/no bubbles at the end.


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I do NOT make any guarantees about this curriculum. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

Thanks also to each and every one of you who has emailed me to say thanks or to let me know how my "stuff" has worked for your family. Your emails are a huge encouragement.

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Order of topics:

Week 1

Cells, Human Tissue

Week 2

DNA & Genes

Week 3

DNA & Genes

Week 4

Skeletal System

Week 5

Skeletal System

Week 6

Muscular System

Week 7

Muscular System

Week 8

Brain and Nervous System

Week 9

Brain and Nervous System

Week 10

Eyes, The Sense of Sight

Week 11

Eyes, The Sense of Sight

Week 12

Ears, Hearing, More About Senses

Week 13

Ears, Hearing, More About Senses

Week 14

Heart (Cardiovascular System)

Week 15

Blood (Hematologic System)

Week 16

Respiratory System

Week 17

Digestive System

Week 18

Digestive System

Week 19


Week 20


Week 21

Nutrition & Urinary System

Week 22

Fluids, Electrolytes, Acids and Bases

Week 23

Endocrine System

Week 24

Integumentary System

Week 25


Week 26


Week 27

Diseases and Parasites

Week 28

Diseases and Parasites

Week 29

Immune System

Week 30


Week 31

Male Reproduction System, Medical Detective Stories, & Practical Life Choices

Week 32

Female Reproduction System & & Medical Detective Stories, & Practical Life Choices

Week 33

Reproduction and Lactation

Week 34

Purity and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Week 35

End of the year test (*in the Anatomy & Physiology workbook) / finishing things up!


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