Guest Hollow's Little Otter's Anatomy Curriculum




Week 16

Lungs & The Sense of Smell







First Human Body Encyclopedia

First Human Body Encyclopedia

p. 36-37 Taste and smell

p. 60-61 Air bags

p. 62-63 Air and oxygen

p. 64-65 Making sounds

p. 66-67 Ah-choo!

How Do Your Lungs Work? (Rookie Read-About Health)

How Do Your Lungs Work?

Read this week.

My First Human Body Book (Dover Children's Science Books)

My First Human Body Book

Color p. 12 Breathe In, Breathe Out

Color p. 13 Breathing Muscles

Color p. 14 Breath In

Color p. 15 Breath Out


Adorable Wearables Human Body

Adorable Wearables Human Body



p. 49 Exercise and breathing activity

p. 49 Catch your breath activity

Supplies: a paper lunch bag


Easy Make & Learn Projects: Human Body

Easy Make & Learn Projects: Human Body


p. 34-36
Take a whiff (smell)  lift-the-flap mini-poster



p. 58-64
Breathe in, breathe out chest vest


Label this colorful picture of the inside of a nose.

Label this picture of lungs.

My Body Lapbook - p. 4-6 What rhymes with nose


Make herb and spice play dough.





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