Book Report Instructions

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Below are the instructions and grading rubric if you want your student to write a book report for one or more of the books in this year's curriculum. While this assignment is optional, I recommend you assign it at least once or twice during the year.

For Book Reports

The synopsis should contain the following five sections.  Separate the sections and label each. 

  1. SUMMARY:  Describe the content of the book.  Put this part of your paper in your own words!  You should include a description of each of the main characters, as well as highlights describing the basic plot of the book.  Your book report should be a minimum of one page, single spaced.

  2. QUOTES:  Include two exact quotes from the book -- choose sentences that you think were particularly interesting or make important points in the book (it does not need to be a quote from a person—just a direct quote from the book) and explain why you chose it.  Be sure to put quotation marks around the words of the quote—not doing so is plagiarism!  Indicate the page number on which the quote may be located in parentheses at the end. 

  3. RELATIONSHIP TO THIS YEAR'S TOPICS OF STUDY:  How do you think the information described in the book you read relates to what you are studying this year?  You must include 2 or more detailed ideas to earn full credit.  Provide specific evidence for your answer (tie it to what you learned in the textbook, etc). 

  4. OPINION:  What did you think?  Was it a good book?  Was it engaging? Did it provide a balanced view of the content it was covering?  Would you recommend it to other people to read?

  5. CITATION: Complete a proper works cited (bibliography) for your book. Click here to learn how.




Components of the Book Review

Possible Points

Earned Points


Summary- Did your student do a good job describing the book? Did s/he type or write up at least a single page?





Quotes w/ explanation- using proper format - Did your student insert at least two exact quotes from the book. Did s/he do it properly? Did s/he explain why it was chosen?





Relationship to This Year's Topics -  Did your student relate the content of the book to what he has been learning about or hopes to learn about this year? Did she use and explain at least two ideas?





Opinion:  Did your student share his opinion on the book? Did he back up his opinion with supporting details?





Grammar, Punctuation, Organization & Citation - Did your student use proper punctuation and grammar? Is the paper well organized? Did she use proper citations?









Feel free to change the grading rubric to reflect the things you want your student to focus on while writing the book report.




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