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Click to tip! Here are some printable lab sheets and links to other printable lab resources. Recording at least some of your labs is an important part of this year's biology curriculum. However, you don't want to totally burden your student with tons of lab sheets and kill the joy of performing the labs themselves. Try to find the right balance for record keeping AND just having a good time learning.

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Dissection lab sheet

Dissection Printable



Lab Report printable

2 page printable lab report (no fancy grahics - just text prompts)

Microscope lab sheet

Microscope Exploration Printable with circle graphs for drawing observations

Science Experiment Report

2 page general science experiment printable with room to draw & write


Links to other printable lab resources:


Donna Young Lab Sheets - Lots of variety here with graph paper, etc.

Teacher Vision Lab Report - A 2 page report with lots of writing guidance. Good for kids who need to fill in the blanks, especially during their first labs. Has a box for drawing too.


Using passive voice when writing a lab - For more "professional" labs, you might want to cover this material with your students. I'm not going to be a stickler about this, but we'll practice it a few times.

Other helps:

Lab Report Rubric - Need help grading your student's lab? This rubric can help.





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