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The following reviews were emailed to me or left as comments via the online textbook.

Brenda E.

I cannot even tell you how much Biology curricula I looked at before I finally (thankfully) found this one! It saved our year! It went along with my daughter's learning style so much better than a boring textbook-only approach, heavy on the math with expensive, impossible labs. This one made biology do-able. We enjoyed (as a family) so many videos. The online lab options were life-savers some weeks. The worst part is having to leave stuff out because there is no way you can do it all! So much to choose from!


Amazing. Guesthollow, you are my new heroine. 22nd year of homeschooling and I wasn't anticipating being so thrilled to find a curriculum (scheduled, linked, inexpensive) for this school year. You absolutely rock.

Rebecca P.

much better than apologia. I love all the links to youtube...

From Tonya in Michigan:

Otter's Homeschool Biology was such a great find for us. My children LOVE science! (to say the least) So much so that over the years of homeschooling we have used more than one curriculum in a school year and I am constantly supplementing to meet their hunger to learn.  We used this curriculum over the 2013-14 school year.  I found Otter's Biology to be fulfilling, accurate, interesting, fun, biblically sound, easy to use, easy for moms - all the lessons are planned for you. My daughter often worked independently through this, but we also did many together, even involving my younger children. The labs were a delight. Again something you choose what you would like to do. I love how Guest Hollow has many lab options to choose from so you are able to meet your budget needs or even your child/teenagers interest. Its been the best science curriculum I have found. (I think I have used them all, lol)  You can choose to do all or take and use what works for you. I did not use brain pop- only because of the added expense. So for others who use it, it may make this even better yet! I have 4 children and we will be using Guest Hollow's Science & History curriculum's this Fall. Thank you Guest Hollow for blessing others with your curriculum. 

One grateful homeschooling mama from Michigan, Tonya


Awesome! I should know after two different curriculum tryings this school year!!! Def going to be doing this one!!! 


Has some real funny stuff its better than being bored lol I really do like and the videos help :P ♥


So helpful, my teen boys loved studying it all summer.

J. P.

I am not one who is very good, or even that interested in, science but this curriculum's well-written text and frequent humorous add-ins, keep me reading and intrigued! Totally put biology in a new perspective. A++++


I wasn't even interested in biology it was to hard but then I found this site and what was dull and boring became fun & interesting and now I actually look forward to learning biology

From Rita H.:

Otter's Christian Biology is a labor of love that reaches beyond Otter to other moms that are in the homeschooling trenches.  We tried other science programs before embarking on this adventure with Otter but unfortunately with little success or real retention.  My son finds the core components appealing: a digital text with occasional embedded video instruction(Mr. Anderson is a favorite) and a workbook with fun cartoons. Some of the awesome optional resources we have used include the Human Planet & Life video series(he loves these), Biology Coloring Workbook, and Ellen McHenry's games. 

        For labwork we have used the Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments (IGHBE) almost exclusively (we purchased our supplies from Home Scientist and the microscope as recommended in the the guide).  The labs in IGHBE are rigorous and have been the most difficult part of the program, partly because we chose to use a real lab notebook format.  I would probably only attempt half of the suggested IGHBE labs if you choose to build a lab notebook as suggested by Mr. Thompson, the author of IGHBE.  However, the quality of the labs is superb and the personal support by Mr. Thompson is PHENOMENAL.  The cost of the labs is staggering if you are purchasing for one child but since we have 7 children we viewed it as a long term investment.  We were also of the opinion that lab experience is really the heart of any science program.  My son has a lot of confidence now using a microscope and is very comfortable donning his gloves and goggles. Of course, we won't talk about my son's handwriting in the lab notebook!  
        As a supplement for the defense of intelligent design, we use Discovering Intelligent Design (by Kemper) rather than the suggested Answers in Genesis materials (which we have used in the past).  There is a wealth of information and activities in this manual & workbook combo.  The information is presented from a purely scientific viewpoint and does not use scripture to defend creationism.  
  Jennifer, thank you for pouring out your energy, talent, and sweat into such an undertaking!  You have blessed our family in a very tangible way and I believe that my son is truly taking "Honors Biology".  Looking forward to chemistry next year!  God Bless!


Thank you so much for providing this! I have looked and looked and couldn't find anything. So happy to have this resource!!



Boy, was I so excited to find this for my Highschooler! Thank you so much for providing this! I also went to the website... www.guesthollow.com and downloaded all the material needed for this course! This is such a blessing! Thanks Again! The Hoovens


R. P.

Fantastic lesson plan and text, edited according to our teaching methods and belief's. Thank you Guest Hollow! Another home run! I look forward to sharing our own journey with you.

Tara H.

I sometimes think Biology is VERY boring but this textbook is awesome! and written from a christian standpoint!


Beautiful resource!

Kari E.

Wonderful! Enjoying this text very much and completely agree with beliefs.

Lisa L.

Finally found a high school level biology course that works for my science hating daughter! I think part of why it works for her is that she gets overwhelmed at the huge textbooks full of dry content! With this, she only needs to look at and deal with the sections assigned for that day.

L. W.

Awesome! I should know after two different curriculum tryings this school year!!! Def going to be doing this one!!!


Fun to learn & easy to understand:-)

A Drewa

Not just fun and easy to learn also funny better than a book lol plus the videos help me not to die of boredom :P ♥


It was awesome I love this program you are the BEST EVER


Really interesting and a lot of fun.


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