Guest Hollow's Biology Curriculum Week 1

Christian High School Biology Curriculum

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Guest Hollow's High School Biology Textbook


Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Science and the Natural World

1.2 Biology: The Study of Life


  • Know God through the study of His creation
  • The Scientific Method
  • Experiments
  • Variables


  • Characteristics of Life
  • Cell theory, gene theory, homeostasis
  • Symbiosis
  • Competition
  • Levels of Organization
Workbook Chapter 1.1 workbook pages Chapter 1.2 workbook pages

Optional Writing Assignment(s)




IGHBE: Lab Session I-1: Using a Microscope

  • gloves
  • lamp/light
  • microscope
  • scissors
  • prepared slide of diatoms or bacteria (*diatoms, human intestinal bacteria)
  • notebook paper
  • snippet of book cover (substitute color newspaper ad)

Alternative to Lab I-1 Using a microscope lab and printable

  • newspaper
  • scissors
  • microscope
  • microscope slide
  • cover slip
  • dropper
  • water
  • tweezers
  • paper towel


IGHBE: Lab Session I-2: Mounting Specimens

  • gloves
  • butane lighter
  • raw carrot
  • microscope
  • petroleum jelly
  • human hair
  • toothpicks
  • vegetable oil
  • distilled water
  • pond water

Optional lab:
Is yeast alive?

Scroll down to “Intro and Biological Molecules”.

  • rapid rise yeast
  • sugar
  • zip-loc bags
  • small water balloons
  • test tubes & rack
  • water container
  • Sharpie
  • sterile nutrient agar plate
  • microscope

Our experience with this lab: Nothing like trying to use nearly dead yeast for an experiment! We had less than stellar results. It worked, but barely. Still, the lab had good info that reinforced some of the textbook info about living things and their characteristics.

Click here to see a picture of Otter's experiment.



Optional Animated Biology Interactive: Cells Through Different Microscopes

Choose CA as your state.


Optional Animated Biology Interactive:
Spontaneous Generation & Designing an experiment




This week we start reading The New Answers Book 1. I scheduled in 3 chapters a week for a total of 9 weeks. You can read the book online for free or order it from Amazon and other retailers. There is also a free study guide available online. We will use the study guide for both written answers and oral discussion questions as time permits.

Bible Study

The New Answers Book 1

Chapter 1: Is There Really a God?


Chapter 2: Why Shouldn’t Christians Accept Millions of Years?


Chapter 3: Couldn’t God Have Used Evolution?

Evolution Exposed


Chapter 1: What Is Science?




Other Resources

Biology Coloring book
Biology Coloring Workbook




Chapter 1 (p.2) Characteristics of Living Things
*some evolution on this page

Chapter 1
(p. 4) Biological Organization


Biology 101
Biology 101  Introduction


Scientific Method






Spongebob controls and variables worksheet





Characteristics of Life diagrams (draw) - Please note that this worksheet refers to a different textbook - so ignore that part of the instructions.








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