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Christian High School Biology Curriculum

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Guest Hollow's High School Biology Textbook



8.3 Biotechnology




  • Gene cloning
  • Polymerase chain reaction
  • Applications of biotechnology in medicine & agriculture
  • Ethical, legal and social issues


Workbook   Chapter 8.3 workbook pages  

Optional Writing Assignment(s)

Write a short story about a clone.
Some ideas:

  • Your pet died and you had a new one cloned
  • A story about a person who was cloned
  • A society where everyone is a clone
  • A clone experiment gone terribly wrong

2nd option: Write a paper stating why you think cloning is a good (or bad) idea. Be sure to refer to some of the scientific principles behind cloning.

3rd option: Write a paper about a real animal that was cloned (Dolly the Sheep, etc.)




IGHBE: Lab Session III-7: Simulated DNA Gel Electrophoresis

  • Gel electrophorsis apparatus (from previous lab)
  • Measuring spoons
  • Microwave
  • 2 liter soda bottle (empty and clean)
  • Table salt
  • Baking soda
  • Toothpicks
  • water

Alternate lab for III-7:
Gel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab
(You can use as an alternate to Lab III-6)

Optional Virtual lab: Engineering a transgenic organism using gene splicing




The above alternate lab is virtual!

Optional Virtual lab: Transgenic Fly Lab




Bible Study

The New Answers Book 2

Chapter 16: Did People Like Adam and Noah Really Live Over 900 Years of Age?


Chapter 17: Why 66?


Chapter 18: What Was the Christmas Star?

Other Resources



Life Season 1
Life Season 1
Episode 6



Dolly the Sheep





Printable activity: Let's Clone a Mouse

Printable: You've Come a Long Way Dolly





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