Guest Hollow's Biology Curriculum Week 17

Christian High School Biology Curriculum

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Week 17 - Catch up or Rabbit Trail Week


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Guest Hollow's High School Biology Textbook


10.1 Exposing the Flaws in Evolution

Note: Most of the coverage of evolution vs. creationism comes from this year's supplementary reading. Just reading through this year's Christian supplements should give your child a good foundation and more thorough understanding about creationist beliefs than the textbook.



Workbook No workbook pages assigned this week!

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Other Resources

The New Answers Book 2

Chapter 22: Is the Bible Enough?


Chapter 23: Aren’t Millions of Years Required for Geological Processes?


Chapter 24: Doesn’t Egyptian Chronology Prove That the Bible Is Unreliable?

Evolution Exposed


Chapter 3: Natural Selection vs. Evolution

Chapter 4: Unlocking the Geologic Record

Chapter 5: The Origin of Life







Life Season 1
Life Season 1
Episode 8





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