Guest Hollow's Biology Curriculum Week 23

Christian High School Biology Curriculum

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Guest Hollow's High School Biology Textbook


Chapter 15 Introduction

15.1 Introduction to the Plant Kingdom

15.2 Four Types of Plants


  • Plant traits
  • Importance of plants
  • Overview of plant life cycle
  • Classification


  • nonvascular plants
  • vascular plants
  • classification of seed plants
  • Characteristics of flowering plants


Workbook Chapter 15.1 workbook pages Chapter 15.2 workbook pages

Optional Writing Assignment(s)





Optional ONLINE lab: Plant Pigments




IGHBE: Lab Session X-1: Investigating Simple Plants: Mosses and Ferns

  • Gloves
  • Microscope
  • Stereo microscope (optional)
  • Optional prepared slides (see text)
  • Fern specimens
  • Moss specimens




Bible Study

Evolution Exposed

Chapter 7: The Origin of Plants





The Lie



Chapter 5: Crumbling Foundations


Chapter 6: Genesis Does Matter

Other Resources

Biology Coloring book
Biology Coloring Workbook

Chapter 2
(p. 26)
The Plant Cell


Chapter 7
(p. 202) Structure of a Flowering Plant

Chapter 7 (p. 204) Monocots and Dicots



Biology 101 Video
Biology 101 

Planet Earth Season 1
Planet Earth
Episode 8



Planet Earth Season 1
Planet Earth
Episode 9




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