Guest Hollow's Biology Curriculum Week 29

Christian High School Biology Curriculum

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Guest Hollow's High School Biology Textbook


Chapter 19 Introduction

19.1 Overview of Vertebrates

19.2 Fish

19.3 Amphibians


  • Vertebrate characteristics
  • Reproduction
  • Nine classes of vertebrates
  • Creationist view of vertebrate origins


  • Structure and function of fish
  • Reproduction and development
  • Five classes of fish
  • Ecology of fish


  • Structure and function of amphibians
  • Reproduction and development
  • Amphibian orders
  • Where they live and how they get food
Workbook Chapter 19.1 workbook pages Chapter 19.2 workbook pages Chapter 19.3 workbook pages

Optional Writing Assignment(s)





IGHBE: Lab Session XI-4: Investigating Vertebrate Tissues

HST kit: Dissect the perch



Optional Online dissection: frog

Grow a Frog Kit




Bible Study

Evolution Exposed

Chapter 9: The Origin of Vertebrates





Genesis of Germs


Chapter 7: Immune System: Created to Interact with Microbes


Chapter 8: Emerging Diseases: Plagues of the Past and Future


Other Resources

Biology Coloring book
Biology Coloring Workbook

Chapter 8
(p. 244) Phylum Chordata
















Biology 101 Curriculum Video
Biology 101 
Aquatic Creatures



Life in Cold Blood

Life in Cold Blood
Episode 1
*This series mentions evolution


Life in Cold Blood

Life in Cold Blood
Episode 2






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