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Why study botany? I think botany is an overlooked topic that gets shoved into a chapter of biology and then forgotten. Plants affect and enrich so many parts of our lives! Our houses and clothes are made of plant materials. We eat plants. We enjoy their beauty. They provide us with medicines, fuel, perfume, dyes, paper and a variety of other products. They are tied to history and even our future. They are an integral part of our lives!

I decided to study botany with my son as a pre-biology course. I want Otter to understand the science behind plants and to appreciate the myriad contributions they make to our lives!

My main goals for this homeschool botany course are:

  • To understand many scientific concepts concerning plants
  • To understand and appreciate many practical applications of plants
  • To learn how to identify many different plants, flowers and trees
  • To learn some history and geography as it pertains to specific plants or plant discoveries
  • To be involved in the natural world on a more frequent basis
  • To hone Otter's observation skills, nurture an interest in the natural world and have time to reflect on beautiful and interesting things - to see the hand of our creator in nature (although almost all of this year's resources are secular)
  • To keep a nature journal and learn some artistic skills that will help him reproduce on paper what he observes
  • To learn how to grow, cook and use plants in a variety of ways
  • To learn about bees and worms as "side topics" (creatures that are beneficial to plants)

Botany curriculum books

I've scheduled many different materials for this year. This year is full of hands-on labs, experiments, notebooking, drawing and art exercises, interactive websites, videos and more. Click here to see the books I've scheduled.

Question: What age is this botany curriculum for?

Answer: I designed this curriculum for a year of my son's middle school science. Some of the materials I scheduled in may be appropriate for a  variety of ages though, including younger & older students. I even learned a lot from this study! Because I created this schedule for MY son, it was personalized for his abilities. You may need to modify portions for your own students due to their abilities and interests. This is also a good science curriculum for a high schooler who isn't ready to take biology or who loves plants! Take a look at the scheduled books to see if they are appropriate for your child.

*Looking for Little Otter's Botany or the old botany topics schedule? Click here.

Question: Is this science curriculum Christian or secular?

Answer: I'm a Christian, but this curriculum is secular, because I couldn't find any Christian botany books for this age. Having said that though, this curriculum gives Christian parents a terrific opportunity to really observe God's creation closely!

I recommend spending a lot of time outdoors to reinforce what your children are learning this year. Try to get out for nature walks and really spend time with plants. This is also a great year to have a garden and get your kids involved in growing food for your family. If you don't have the space requirements for a garden, a small container of herbs or other goodies will do as well, even if they are just in a windowsill. We've learned so much as a family from our garden about plants. The hands-on experience is invaluable!

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Click here to view an optional 6 week Fast Plants genetics project. This project is scheduled to begin in week 27, but you can start it at ANY time that is convenient to you.

Note: The last 6 weeks of this curriculum are very light. This will give you plenty of time to play catch-up, if you've gotten behind. It will also give you room to pursue "bunny trails" and explore in more depth whatever your student has shown interest in this year.

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