Homeschool Botany Curriculum
Notebooking Pages & Printables

I created a few notebooking pages to students retain what they are learning in Guest Hollow's Botany Curriculum. All pages are in PDF or Microsoft Word format (or both).

Scroll down to see the pages that go with the Botany for Dummies book.

Flower and/ or Plant Notebooking Page

Flower and botany notebooking page


This blank sheet (a filled in example is shown to the left) is for recording the various plants and flowers you'll be learning about this year. You can choose from an editable page that can be filled out on your computer or one to print out and fill in by hand.

These pages will make a nice scrapbook of plants and flowers and help you learn to easily identify them out in the world!

Editable flower notebooking page for MS Word


  1. Paste a picture in directly from the Internet. Google an example of the plant in Google images, right click & copy your favorite image and then paste it into the box in MS Word. Resize it as necessary.
  2. Type in your plant or flower facts directly onto the page in the fact box.
  3. Type the name of your plant into the name box on the top right.
  4. Choose colors to represent the main colors of your flower or plant. For example: Asters come in a variety of colors. Some Aster flowers are purple, light pink, yellow, light blue or a deep fuchsia. I've colored the circles in the Nature's Paintbox section to represent the main colors the Aster flower comes in.

    To color in the circles in MS Word, click on a circle, right click and choose "format auto shape". On the first tab marked colors and lines click the drop down menu marked color. Choose "More colors" and then choose from the honeycomb of colors or from the slider on the custom color tab.

    You may enjoy coloring the circles by hand with markers, crayons, paint or colored pencils instead. If that's the case, wait until you've printed the page out.

Flower notebooking page PDF


Print out and fill in.



Botany for Dummies Notebooking Pages, Printables and Worksheets:

All answers to these notebooking pages can be found in the Botany For Dummies text. Notebooking pages are listed in chapter order, even if they are not presented that way in the botany curriculum schedule.

Chapter 1 Botany Notebooking Page

This printable page highlights the many ways plants are useful.

Botany notebooking page chapter 1

Chapter 2 Plant Cell

Draw and label the plant cell parts based on figure
2-10 from the text.

botany notebooking page

Chapter 2 Lift the Flap 3 Domains Base Sheet

Learn about the 3 domains. Copy the book's text explanations underneath each flap.

botany notebooking pages

Chapter 2 Lift the Flap Cut & Paste Page

Cut out the tree parts for the 3 domains printable.

botany notebooking page

Chapter 4 Stems Printable Worksheet

Learn the terminology associated with stems. Create lift-the-flap vocabulary words that go over the definitions printed on the page.

Botany stems worksheet printable

Chapter 4 Cut-Outs for Stems Printable Worksheet

Cut-outs for the stems worksheet - Lift-the-flap vocabulary words and "transport" trucks that show what stems do

Botany stems printable worksheet

Chapter 2 Plasma Membrane

Make the parts and jobs of the plasma membrane memorable with this printable!

botany printable

Chapter 2 Lift the Flap Cell Parts & Jobs

Create a lift-the-flap on colored paper to help retain the parts of a cell and the various organelle jobs.

botany lapbook page

Chapter 14 Taxonomy Box Project

Printable Taxonomy Box
Print out and construct this box to hold the taxonomy project pieces. Write your mnemonic (or copy the one from Botany for Dummies) on the inside flap to remember the taxonomy hierarchy.

Taxonomy Project

Chapter 14 Taxonomy Project Printables

This 10 page printable PDF will help your students remember taxonomy and understand table 14-1 in the Botany for Dummies book. You need 2 sheets of colored paper for the main taxonomic headings (or just color those cards in by hand) and 8 sheets of white paper for the rest of the printables. Pages 3 and 4 of the PDF should be printed out on colored paper. Print, cut out the pieces and cards and then do the activity.

Use table 14-1 in Botany for Dummies to arrange the cards in the correct order. Place the "taxonomy pieces" (human, dog, carrot and E. coli) onto the correct cards. See how the items filter down into more and more specific categories.

Taxonomy Printables








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