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I created a few quizzes to go with some chapters of the Botany For Dummies book. These tests are designed to be used "open book" as I sometimes refer to figures or illustrations in the text. The quizzes are designed to not only help assess understanding, but to also help a student learn how to find the answers to questions he doesn't know by learning how to skim chapter headings and so on. This is an important skill for high school and beyond! Each test has a little humor sprinkled here and there to make it a teeny bit more fun. smile

If you run into any mistakes, please email me so I can make corrections. I DO make mistakes in these from time to time and often catch them myself, but you can help me by catching the ones I don't and letting me know.

These tests are created for my son and are meant to accompany the botany curriculum I created for him. I don't make any claims to their accuracy or anything else, so use at your own risk!

Tests / Quizzes are listed in chapter order, even if they are not presented that way in the botany curriculum schedule. UPDATE: I don't have time to post any additional quizzes right now. I may take up that project again in the future.

Any quoted material in the quizzes is reproduced with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.(Fester Kratz, Rene (2011-06-15). Botany For Dummies. John Wiley and Sons. Kindle Edition. )

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