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Finally! A homeschool science curriculum where you can combine a multitude of ages, use "living books" and do lots of hands on activities!

THIS SCIENCE CURRICULUM HAS BEEN UPDATED. This is an outdated page. Please click here to see our NEW and totally updated / revised anatomy curriculum!

Welcome to Otter's Anatomy and Physiology (Human Body Study) Curriculum!
Want to see our high school Anatomy and Physiology Curriculum? Click here.

For the 2008-2009 school year we studied WinterPromise's Children Around the World program. I was trying to decide what to do for science and started thinking, hey, why not study people for science all year too!? I went online and started looking at science programs...

Otter loves science. He loves experiments and science activities. The perfect science curriculum for him should have lots of hands-on things to do, lots of variety, engaging books with plenty of pictures and should really cover in depth what we want to study (which in this case is the human body and people).

I couldn't find anything online that totally fit the bill for what I wanted to do. Most science programs are pretty slim and, in our house, science is too big of a deal to be just a few books and a kit or two. Soooooo... I decided to just create my own literature based homeschool science curriculum and here it is, to share with you!

These programs are secular, but I've made some notes to alert Christian parents for any books that contain evolutionary references along with page numbers so you can skip or black out that material. There are only a couple of books that have these references, but the books themselves covered specific material so well for the target age group - I went ahead and used them.

We have three different versions so that you can combine a pretty big age spread, like we have here in our house. Click on the version you are interested in.


D-Homeschooling mom:
Hi!  I just wanted to thank you for putting this curriculum up for everyone to enjoy. After having used it, I realize how much time and thought was put into the planning.  I used this with my second grade son and he absolutely loved it.  He has learned so much...and retained the information.  I'm amazed.  He has a love for science after this year.  It's going to be hard to compete next year.






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