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This new section of our site is where we plan to link to all our science related materials. Click on a link below too see all our science "goodies", printables, worksheets, lessons, links and more!

Guest Hollow's Chemistry in the Kitchen - A non-traditional, amazing chemistry course for high school students

Otter's Biology - A FREE Christian biology program with a free interactive textbook, workbook, labs and more

Otter's Botany Curriculum - A flexible botany curriculum I designed for a year of Otter's middle school science that is easily adapted to a variety of ages

Botany Printables

Otter's Chemistry - One of the BEST years we had with science! Lots of living books, activities and more are scheduled

Otter's Anatomy - A human body / anatomy study for 3 different levels: preschool / primary, elementary / middle school and high school

The Science of Seasons - Join Abigail, Henry, Grace, and their lively Fox Terrier, Beowulf, as they learn about the seasons and many other cross-curricular topics in a 14 week science adventure!

WinterPromise's Animals and Their Worlds Extras and "Gravy"
Check out our extras for this curriculum! We added in printables, websites, videos and more to the study of animals and their worlds as we went through the curriculum ourselves!
Note: WinterPromise overhauled this particular study, however you should still be able to use the various extras I posted.

WinterPromise's Adventures in Sea & Sky Extras and "Gravy" - There is enough stuff here to use without WP, but it was designed to suppliment our year with Sea & Sky. I've got all sorts of fun goodies scheduled in for a variety of science topics like the ocean, flight and space along with a sprinkling of history.

Science Printables
We have some science printables in PDF format for you to download.

Extracting DNA experiment - We had a lot of fun with this easy experiment where we extracted DNA from strawberries.




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